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Need Recs Bel Air, MD

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I'll be in Bel Air and am looking for an Italian restaurant, not too expensive or fancy. I'd like to try something other than Bertucci's. thanks.

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  1. My Three Sons in Edgewood is decidedly not fancy (there are tables, but you order at the counter), but it's very good.

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      Thanks.....hope to try it.....

    2. This place is divey but Tamborino's has the best dang subs i have ever had in my LIFE! i am sure the other food is great but i can never get past the italian sub.

      1. Definitely try Italian Sensations. Excellent italian. Carry-out style with tables and waiters and they serve wine. I drive from Baltimore County just to get their pizza.

        1. Scotto's Cafe is really good. http://www.scottoscafe.net/. Also, not in Bel Air, but Basta Pasta (Fallston), http://www.bastapasta.net/, and Enotria (Forest Hill) are both great options. http://www.enotria.us/

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            I second Scotto's, on Route 24 near Business Route 1. Good cooking, friendly and efficient staff who give honest advice. It's a place where you can go for a night out, or take the kids.

          2. Scotto's or Savona's. Scotto's ia bit more upscale of the two, but the food is consistently solid. Agree with Carey - Italian Sensations is an excellent upscale pizza joint. Pastas are surprisingly fresh.

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              Italian Sensations it was this time. Scotto's next time.

              Thanks for the recs and keep 'em coming.