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Oct 29, 2008 11:14 AM

Seeking restaurant for Thanksgiving-Santa Maria area

My family and I are going to Orcutt (vicinity of Santa Maria) on Thanks giving day. We are looking for a semi-casual place to have Thanksgiving dinner that does not necessarily require reservations, although making them is not a problem. Buffet style would also be great! I know there is a Jetty on Foster Rd in Orcutt, but they are primarily seafood. Not sure if they serve the turkey feast.

Open to suggestions. Needs to be in the vicinity of Santa Maria. Thanks

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  1. In Orcutt, besides Chef Ricks ( cajun type food- very good), you might check out The Wine Cottage Bistro, or maybe its called the Wine has its own site. There is Jacks- which is basically extra helpings of good fried diner food in a wooden walled restaurant. Not bad.

    Good Luck- Santa Maria is pretty basic, lots of great Mexican, a Olive Bistro, a Red Robin, some decent sushi and fast food.

    You might also search out the local magazine called THE SANTA MARIA SUN/ THE SUN, they might have some interesting Thanksgiving mentions.


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      I'm betting both Rick's and Wine Bistro (now Trattoria Uliveto) will be closed for the holiday.

    2. What kind of crowd are you with? Looking for deliciousness, or comfort food? Grandma/babies?

      I'd bet the Santa Maria Inn is doing a holiday dinner ; buffet? don't know.

      Shaw's on Broadway near SMI is also a traditional local dinner house.

      Hometown Buffet is near Costco along the west frontage road.

      3rd Coast Cafe in the Town Center (downtown) Mall / West might serve a holiday meal. Nice food, casual bistro flavor. Probably not buffet, but worth investigating. Contact Chef Danny at : midcal-d (at)

      1. Hello,
        Have you found a place for Thanksgiving dinner yet? If not, and you are willing to make a short drive up the coast to San Luis Obispo, you may want to consider the Apple Farm. Our family has been there twice for Thanksgiving dinner. They do require reservations I believe but it is fairly casual and the food is pretty good. I've seen many families with children there.

        Happy Thanksgiving!

        1. Don't overlook the historic Santa Maria Inn in old downtown Santa Maria. For traditional food in an old traditional inn setting, they will do fine. This was THE place decades ago as folks slowiy made their way between Los Angeles and San Francisco and the History Room highlights the former movie starts who once called this their road stop of choice. The old building has grand roots, but you do have to look past its less graceful attempts at modernization and enlargement to remind yourself of its original garden setting. You get food here, and for Thanksgiving traditional dinners, this may be just good enough. Otherwise, other than for nostalgia or a cheap Sunday brunch, this is not a go to dining spot.

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