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Oct 29, 2008 11:10 AM

New Hampshire Seacoast Fried Clams

Where can I find the best fried clams on the NH seacoast? Bonus points to anyone who can point me towards tasty AND not pricey. Thanks.

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  1. I have to go with Ray's in Rye, NH. Parking and waiting can be an issue in the summer months, but off season there's usually no problem.

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    1. The best Fried Clams on the Seacoast? I have to say Al's Seafood, on Route 1 in North Hampton. As a lifelong Seacoast resident, I grew up eating Fried Clams from Bob's Clam Hut, and from Newick's... But it is Al's Seafood that I have to say blows the others away!!! What makes theirs special to me is the "lighter" batter coating, which doesn't over-power the taste of the clams, and doesn't leave you feeling like you just ate a batter coated BRICK!!! Plus - there's PLENTY of free parking, EASY in & out access, and an adjoining Fish Market that makes it convenient to take home some TASTY TREATS, and you have the BEST SEAFOOD RESTARAUNT - and Fried Clams! - on the Seacoast - Al's Seafood!!!

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        Bob's Hut in Kittery just over the NH border.

      2. ceal's in seabrook beach

        1. Al's in N. Hampton simply blows everything else away, except for Bob's clam shack in kittery. Pleassant place, wonderful clams, amd many other fried and non-fried foods that are incomparable.

          1. Is Ray's open all year -round? I think Ceal's isn't? And where is Al's relative to say, the Galley Hatch and Sanborn's candies? Thanks

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              Ray's closes for the winter, but that shouldn't bother you, as this is probably the worst restaurant in the entire area. Their clams are greasy and not always very fresh. Al's is about one mile north of the GH on Rt. 1, and it is open all year and quite good. The absolute best, however, would require a trip just a few miles south into MA. to the Clam Box in Ipswich. These are by far the best I've ever had, and I have tried them all. As a bonus, the offer a choice of fat bellies or regular. Cannot be beat.