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Oct 29, 2008 10:41 AM

Champagne and appetizers -- DC

So, my friend wants to get a little dressed up for her birthday and go somewhere for champagne and appetizers. I'm looking for a place with an atmosphere where she would be comfortable in a little black dress, but not overly romantic. While she is more focused on the champagne and ambiance, I'd love a place that has some good food to go with it -- probably not a full dinner, but maybe a nice selection of apps. Thanks.

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  1. Proof is the place for you my friend. They have a wonderful champagne cart and really good cheese/charcuterie.

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    1. re: scotcheroo

      I agree--Proof would be my first suggestion. But you could also go to Cork (which has great small plates) or Enology (which I haven't tried yet but hear they have a good wine selection).

      1. re: KWynn

        Proof sounds like a better bet for a little black dress and they do specialize in champagne. Enology is nice but doens't have the same upscale feel of Proof.