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Oct 29, 2008 10:28 AM

Atlanta - Oysters by the bushel

Anyone know of a good fishmonger (or even a restaurant) in the Atlanta area where I can buy a bushel of raw oysters? Looking to make them a Thanksgiving appetizer.


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  1. There is a national Food Wholesaler named The Restaurant Depot....and according to their website they have a location in Atlanta. It's a membership type operation, but if you know someone in the business, just ask them to gain entry using their membership.....or you may be able to join by meeting certain criteria....such as a non-profit organization or church. I do this for my friends all the time during the Holidays. They simply stop at the front desk for a one day temporary pass.

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      I apologize for not adding anything constructive to this post, however the Restaurant Depot caught my eye. I used to frequent the one in Hartford, CT, however it was open to the public and it did not contain any food. I'm assuming that each one is different, however I'm very upset that I did not get a chance to experience the food! Is it pricey?

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        I shop at a location in Northern New Jersey, so my comments are specific to the South Hackensack Store only. There are two other stores within a 30 minute drive as well

        Overall, I find the Restaurant Depot to be a very reliable source for dry goods and paper. The only area where I believe they are more pricey than others is in their beverages for sodas, Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Snapple and juices....I am in the resale business, so I am very aware of what is available in my area. The vegetable and produce department is good for both quality and prices. The meats have a wide selection of products and cuts available. The frozen departments I generally do not use, but some of the seafood I purchase during holidays and the squid, shrimp, and mollusks are very reasonable. I do not purchase IQF Fish. My local location also has a Fresh Seafood department. Presently, you can purchase Fresh White shrimp for $7.99 with a three pound minimum. Maine Lobsters are $4.19/lb. Fresh Tuna is $7.95/lb.. Most whole fish is around $5.00/lb. I purchased a 10# bag of mussels on sale for $7.95 last week...this week they are $17.95. Little neck clams were .19 cents each for a 200 count bag.

        Meats are great. You can purchase Hereford Beef, Choice or Select. If you purchase the case, the prices are usually .30-.50 cents cheaper per pound. Veal and Pork are plentiful. Chicken is cheap.....Cutlets are usually $1.49-1.99. whole chickens .89 cents or less. The frozen meats do offer values as well, such as burgers and spare ribs. The only thing I purchase on occasion are the Ox Tails or Lamb Shanks. which are generally 40% off of similar fresh items.

        The big attraction to the Restaurant Depot for many is you can see the product in person and there is no food minimum purchase required...unlike Sysco or US Food.

        Placing a call to Hartford, they have a meat department, but not a Fresh Seafood one.

        i hope this information has helped

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          Great information. Thank you. It's been atleast 5 years since I've been to the one in Hartford (I'm now in Norfolk VA), but I'm glad to hear that they have expanded. I will definitely be making a trip there when I go up for the holidays. Thank you again.

    2. You can buy them at Buford Hwy Farmer's Market by the box. I would imagine that DeKalb Farmer's Market has them available as well, but I've never tried. Just head up to the seafood counter at BHFM and ask for however many you might want. It'll certainly save any "you have to know someone" jargon.

      1. I've bought from YDFM before. The key is to catch it right when they get some in. Often, the ones in the case have been there for a while. Your best bet might be to call or go by and talk to someone to get a better idea when they get a shipment.

        Haven't really looked at RD- the one in Norcross I think got rid of it's fresh seafood section. No idea about the one on Chattahoochee.

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          I will definitely check out YDFM. When you got them, do you know were they were from? I would imagine the gulf, but I wanted to see if they had some options. (and how were they?)

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            Living in Atlanta, I think you'd be hard pressed to find them in bulk from anywhere but the Gulf. As you can probably imagine, they are usually from Apalachicola or very near there when I've bought them from YDFM before. You can mail order oysters from other waters but you'll of course pay for it. When I've bought them from YDFM they have been good, but I always pay attention to the label/date and make my decision from there. One thing to remember is that unless the store does something stupid (like store them incorrectly/wrong temp) there is little they can do to impact the quality. Freshness is the underlying factor of course.

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              If you buy them by the box (40lbs) there is a tag inside listing when and where they were harvested, and I think who processed them. Usually Applalachicola (sp). I've had good luck with them over the years, pretty clean and good singles. They also sell other varieties by the lb. but I've never asked about them in bulk. If you are just going to do them as a starter a bushel would seem to be an awful lot, or maybe you're having a bunch of people over....

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                HaagenDazs got the spelling right. That's where they'll be from.

                A buddy's bro put on a BBQ and oyster roast last year. He called YDFM to figure out when they were getting a shipment to ensure they were right off the truck. I don't know if the full boxes would be more recent, but the labels on the oysters in the case show them to be 7-14 days past harvest a lot of the time. I'd only want them if they came in yesterday or today.

                I think that, since YDFM does beaucoups weekend biz, they're getting a lot of stuff in on Thurs-Fri. That probably plays in your favor.

          2. I spoke with the people at YDFM. They sell the oysters in 40 lb boxes. I couldn't pry much more information out of them (including a price).

            Any idea how many oysters it takes to equal 40 lbs? I think it will be way too many for an appetizer for 6 people.

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              It's a lot. Last I paid any attention, they were about $0.50/lb. We had a party and fed ~12 people as many as they wanted. Then continued eating them over the next few days in a variety of ways (think Forrest Gump, but substitute oyster for shrimp).

            2. The original comment has been removed