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Oct 29, 2008 10:20 AM

In Austin for a Wedding this weekend, need some Chowish recs

I wll be in Austin this weekend for a good friend's wedding. I will be staying at the Austin Hilton, 500 East 4th Street, and will not be renting a car. So I need some restaurant recs. in walking distance or reasonable cab ride from my hotel.

I am looking for some great breakfast spots, lunch spots, a dinner spot for thursday night, and somewhere for brunch on Sunday. BBQ is not a must, as the rehearsal dinner is at the Salt Lick. Also, my GF is a vegetarian (does eat fish), so some veggie-friendly options would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. Eddie V's- great HH deals from 5-7 in the bar 1/2 priced apps and $1 off drinks Steaks 7 seafood
    Chez Nous- Check the Price Fix dinner French
    Carmelo's-Super romantic Italian
    Parkside on 6th- great raw bar
    Finn & Porter's in your hotel is pricey but good seafood & sushi

    All of these are within a block from your room

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      Oh man, that Parkside place looks great. Thanks. Glad to know im staying in a locale where recs are to be had.

      Keep the recs. coming, I really appreciate it.

    2. For brunch, Moonshine is right behind the Hilton on Red River. A little farther away(probably a short cab ride) is Lamberts. Both are well reviewed.

      I'll second the Parkside rec. Had dinner there a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it. Had the oyster and ceviche appitizer (small platter on the menu). Very good, but a little pricey. For dinner, I had fish served over lentils and the wife had the bar steak. Both entrees were very good. We finished with the donut hole dessert.

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        Had lunch at Moonshine, was very satisfied. Thinking about Parkside for dinner.

        Any places I should really hit up that are slightly further away? After exploring my locale, I think it may suit me to venture out a little further.