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Oct 29, 2008 10:00 AM

Houston for a week

and we'd like to find some Latin and other recs for the city.
I know T is know for BBQ beef, but are there any good places with both beef and pork?

We'll be near the Toyota Center for lunch. And anywhere for dinner

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  1. Latin food? You can't go wrong with Japaneiro, it's little out of the way in Sugarland, but its fusion food is pretty good, the sushi isn't that bad either.

    1. Churrasco's is a Houston institution - there's a location on the corner of Shepherd and Westheimer that's not too far from downtown. The chef/owner also has a fabulous place downtown in the Hobby Center - Artista.

      There are wonderful "dive" Latin American places to eat as well. My favorite is Mi Pueblito (Colombian food) on Fondren just off Richmond.

      1. we found Cava Bistro, mediocre. Original Mama Ninfas, very good. El Rey Taquiria, very good. Mi Luna tapa, the best of all. Not the best tapa you'll ever have, but very good.
        Sambuca, a small national chain, mediocre. Falafel Frenzy or Prarie, very good food, very slow at lunch. Corner Bakery Cafe, mediocre. Cabo, feh!.