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Oct 29, 2008 09:36 AM

New in Q. Roo?

I resume my winter schedule in 2 weeks, based in PDC. My range is Puerto Morelos to Bacalar, plus Corozal and San Pedro in Belize. What's new and good (or gone) since March?
Gracias, cachorros!

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  1. Veggo -- did you find any new places? Will be in Tulum in a couple of weeks and your range is my range too.

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      Sorry for going off-topic but am trying to catch Veggo here. Veggo-do you have a rec for Villahermosa-specially for tip-top mone de pescado? Am changing buses there in a few days on my way to the January fiestas in honor of St Sebastian in Chiapa de Corzo. Also: anyone else going too this year for these fiestas and want to meet up in either Tuxtla Gutierrez or San Cristobal? Will be in Huauchinango (Sierra Norte) tomorrow night for the Sat market then Pahuatlan on Sun for its market, then Puebla for a day or two, then southwards via Cordoba, Tlacotalpan, Villahermosa etc

      1. re: RST

        Thanks for thinking of me. I wish I knew a good restro in Villahermosa - the Cuota road is now completed around old 186 to Campeche, and there is nowhere to eat along the way.

      2. re: yumyum

        I did indeed find a few new places. In Playa, I highly recommend Garden of Eating for breakfast. Calle 20 (1 block north of Constituentes) between aves, 10 & 15. Lovely, tranquil setting with nice gardens and watery outcroppings and good food. She does dinner with soft live music but I didn't experience it.
        Also, a couple new taco stands on ave. 10 between calles 8 & 10 (just right of Dr. Taco) are very good, especially the arrachera tacos.
        The non-descript taco restaurant, on the west side of 307 between Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, is extraordinary. I got 3 para llevar: 1 lechon, 1 pollo en mole, 1 jalapeno lleno con queso. I was on my way to Coba, and after I ate them I was tempted to turn around and go back for more. I wish I could describe it more accurately.
        Buen Provecho y buena suerte!