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Oct 29, 2008 09:01 AM

Muskoka Dry Pale Ginger Ale: Best Ginger Ale by far !!!!!

Muskoka Dry Pale ginger ale is one of the best tasting ginger ales i have ever tasted. It is bottled by Muskoka Springs. They are located at:

220-1 Bay Street
Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada
705 687 8852

i live in toronto. every summer for the past few years we rent a cottage in the parry sound area for a few weeks. this is the time we get to enjoy this wonderful ginger ale. its taste is unique - it is not anything like the common soda pop ginger ales.

it is now being sold in toronto, but at RIDICULOUS PRICES. the last time i checked, a case of 6 glass bottles is going for around 13$. that is simply greedy and wrong !!!

sobeys in parry sound sells it at 4.99$ (checked oct29, 2008
)their address is:
25 Pine Drive
Parry Sound, Ontario
P2A 2W9

the actual facility that bottles the product, Muskoka Springs, will also sell the ginger ale in quantities of 6 bottles / case or 24 bottles / case. and their pricing will be in line with current retail in the parry sound - gravenhurst area. not the obscenely marked up price that is being offered in toronto at some stores.

if you contact Muskoka Springs, they also can recommend any other retailers in their area (including Orillia) which sells their product. orillia is much closer to toronto and will be a shorter drive.

it is worth the drive to gravenhurst to pickup several cases of this wonderful beverage !!!!


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  1. i enjoy buying it at the Rosseau General Store which itself is worth the trip. But $13 for 6 bottles...WOW!

    1. Sounds good, usually the only ginger ale I get to drink is Vernors.... Now to find a place selling this in Mississauga :)

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        1. I like this gingerale but I only drink it when I'm actually in Muskoka. I wouldn't make special trips just to get it.

          Yes, $13 is much more than $5 for a 6-pak but think about it: Parry Sound is much closer to Gravenhurst than Toronto. Once you factor in gas prices, the labour it takes to get the product to the GTA, and the cost of rent in the GTA, the mark-up makes some sense. It works out to less than $2.20 a bottle - Jones Soda and other specialty brands cost about the same.

          1. re: bpongtor

            Any idea if it's available in Sudbury? I have some relatives there that could pick it up for me.

            1. re: LovesToEat

              if you contact muskoka springs via email, they can check for any retailers in sudbury and get back to you....

        2. Love muskoka! Some great chefs working up here. David Friesen's place in Bracebridge is fantastic.

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          1. re: youngurbanchef

            Just spotted the Muskoka Pale Ale @ Metro in Liberty Village. Price was $5.79 for 6 bottles.

            1. re: LovesToEat

              thats so cool, just returned last week from cottage country. now, we have it in town at a very very reasonable price. this should be a kick in the pants for a particular store in town that was trying to sell this product for 13.65$ per case of 6; pathetic...

              1. re: LovesToEat

                Got some at the Liberty Metro the other week as well. I found it way too sweet. I prefer something more subtle like Boylan's.

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