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Oct 29, 2008 08:52 AM

Black Hoof Charcuterie

I just noticed this place pop up in the space that was Molotov Cocktail...Has anyone been? What's the verdict?

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  1. I went on Friday and had a great time though I think it was due more to the company. I had a fabulous Manhattan ($11) and we ordered a small cheese plate ($16). The cheese was mostly great... (sorry, can't remember which ones) but was literally a piddly amount for the price.

    1. It's great! I've been twice now, and I've tried everything on the menu (it's a small menu) - it's all good, with the best things being the pork belly sandwich, the duck confit sandwich, the large charcuterie platter, and, of course, the jamon iberico de bellota. The service is great (Jen, who's in charge of the front of the house, is personable and professional), and the chef, Grant, is clearly passionate about what he's doing. Currently one of my favourite spots.

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        Is there any hot food on the menu or is it all just cold meats?

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          There is hot food. We went two weeks ago and this was the menu:

          I didn't ask how often the menu changes but judging from the post redearth made above, I'd say fairly often based on what we had.

          We had the large order of bread, prosciutto tasting, cabbage soup (hot) & bone marrow, pork merguez (warm) & tomatillo and the pork belly pastrami & emmental. Overall the food was excellent though expensive for the portion size. We would return but wouldn`t be regular customers due to the cost. Maybe go two to three times a year. Service was excellent though we were one of only two pairs in there at the time (early evening just after opening).

          The proscuitto plate consisted of three servings of different proscuitto. One was from Niagara, one from Quebec and one from Italy. The Niagara one was very thin and quite salty. I liked it but the girlfriend didn't. She liked the Quebec one more than me which was thicker and sweeter and had a particular taste which I didn`t care for. We both loved the Italian one. It had a wonderful flavour and the fat just melted the instant it touched our tongues. Yum.

          The cabbage soup was different than what we expected. It was a cream soup. It was still tasty. The bone marrow was served on little crustinis.

          The pork belly pastrami looked like a large beef rib. It was quite flakey and smokey. Good but not a favourite item.

          It's nice that the tap list is decent. There was Steamwhistle, Creemore, St Ambroise Pale Ale and Amsterdam Blonde. I think there was one or two more taps there but without a tap handle. Hopefully they get a little more serious on the beer selection as I would have loved to had a Church Key Holy Smoke and other beers during the meal.

          Afterwards we wandered up to Caplansky`s for a poutine and a Fresser. The smoked meat that night was awesome!

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            So based on that menu like I assumed the soup is the only dish that is "cooked"...

      2. I was there on Monday and it was packed with food industry types. Jesse Vallens of Trevor and I went following dinner at JK Wine Bar (his prize for winning a vegetarian sandwich competition in which I smoked the squash for his bbq pulled squash sandwich). So I guess you could say the Black Hoof was desert and it was fantastic.

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          I was also there on Monday. In fact, I've been there 3 times in the past week, (I'm worried I may develop gout!) :)
          So far, I've had the small and large charcuterie, the duck confit sandwich, the pork merguez sausage dish, the lemon tart, and the cheese plate,(all great imo.)
          Jen,(one of the owners) has also come up with quite an interesting cocktail list.
          This is my new favorite place to stop in for late night eats!

        2. Thanks everyone, I'm definitely going to give it a try!

          1. In my view? Verdict is absolutely recommended. Well done from start to finish, with only a couple of excpetions: the chicken liver mousse, which was weak, and the riette, which had an odd berry thing going on that didn't really work for me. Everything else was right on the money, especially the Foie Gras. I normally don't order that sort of thing for fear of almost certain underperformance, but not at the hoof. Very nicely done.