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Oct 29, 2008 08:49 AM

Ocean Prime, Aventura: Anyone Been?

Going to be in Aventura tonight and need a low-carb dinner option - meaning steak or fish, simply prepared with salad and vegetables. Has anyone tried Ocean Prime?

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  1. We tried it a few weeks ago and thought is was just okay....nothing special and a bit to salty for us. Try Mortons or Houstons for a low carb meal, they are both in Aventura.

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      Thanks. Houston's is our fall-back option.

    2. I have eaten there once. I found it highly overpriced with mediocre food. Pretentious place to boot. I will likely never return. Two other people I have spoken to (each of whom visited separately) had similar experiences. The decor was nice, though! And they had nice wines by the glass.