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Oct 29, 2008 08:04 AM

Massis - what to buy?

I've bought only a few goodies there, most memorably: bulgarian feta, romanian bacon slab, and that romanian pepper / tomato dip in a jar? What else is good? A romanian friend said their romanian bread was not so great.

Anything else to try get there before I cross the street and pick up olives and baba ganoush at el Shater?

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  1. Hello,

    When I'm there I tend to get the Romanian feta, but that might be a bit strong for you (it's a harsh cheese.) I used to use them a lot more for Romanian sausages and meats before I started going to the Ridgewood Pork Store. Also, their yogurt is a great deal for the area and they carry kefir/drinkable yogurt which I adore. Whenever I'm there I also pick up an enormous batch of sesame candies as they're pretty cheap there. BTW, check out Ridgewood Pork Stores Sunnyside derivative around the corner.

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      Thanks! Will def check out the Pork Store.

      1. re: 2slices

        When did it become Ridgewood Pork Store? I went yesterday and that was on my receipt. Last time it was called Sunnyside Meat Market!

    2. They have a good selection of honeys and fruit preserves.
      Romanian sweet bread - "cozonac" made by Krystal Bakery in Ridgewood.
      Kielbasa, which is hard to find in Sunnyside, and the thin and long sausages (cut in 2 inch pieces and flash fry, serve with mashed potatoes).
      I get my cornmeal for polenta at Massis, they also have lots of other interesting stuff on that shelf in the back.