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Oct 29, 2008 07:57 AM

Which is better: EMP or Modern Dining Room

Hi 'hounders,

I would like to know your opinion about your experience with either (or both) Eleven Madison Park and the Modern Dining Room. Which do you prefer and why? If you've dined solo in the Modern Dining Room, please do share your experience, as I'm thinking about going there for lunch alone.

Personally, I've been to EMP a few times but never the Modern Dining Room (been to the Bar Room, btw). I think they're similar in terms of service (they're both Danny Meyer restaurants) but I'm curious in terms of food and atmosphere.

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  1. Flavorwise I much prefer EMP.

    Still the Modern is good and might be a fun change if you've been to EMP a few times before.

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    1. re: BW212

      Ditto. The menu at EMP is just slightly more interesting to me than at the Modern. Servicewise you can't beat EMP, whereas I've felt that the Dining Room at the Modern is a little on the colder side.

      1. re: kathryn

        I will third EMP. The Modern never excited me, not the dining room nor the bar room.

        1. re: kobetobiko

          i have a gift card to the union square hospitality group restaurants. i've been to gramercy tavern so looking to try something different. is EMP the way to go? it's pretty pricey (I would be spending more than the gift card to go there).

          1. re: kobetobiko

            I agree that EMP has a more creative and interesting menu than The Modern. I also think the room is much prettier and striking too.

        2. re: BW212

          In my opinion, The Modern is far superior to EMP in all categories, including food, service, and ambiance. IT is very pleasant to sit in the main dining room at the Modern and look out on the sculpture garden of MOMA. The food and service are similar superb: I call The Modern, Jean Georges lite considering the chef, the general manager, and much of the staff are from Jean Georges.

        3. One more vote for EMP. I've been to both within the last 6 months, and I was just knocked out by the food and the service at EMP. The dinner at the Modern was lovely, but the service was truly off, at least the night we were there. The best part was sitting at the window and being able to look out over the sculpture garden while we ate. (Which might be nice if you're dining alone.) Food was very good, but not as memorable as the dinner at Eleven Madison Park.

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          1. re: cavafan

            I agree. EMP is better for food. I had lunch at The Modern and wasn't "blown away" by it. I've never had less than a great meal at EMP.