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Oct 29, 2008 07:30 AM

Morton's $99 for two. Review?

OK - I hope I am not crushed for this post...

I know there are probably 100 better/different places for steak in NYC.

Morton's is running their dinner for two for $99.


Anyone ever done it? Is it good deal? Seems like a good deal.

Morton's is a solid restaurant - just there is little need for a Morton's in NYC.


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  1. Yes, I've done it. They usually offer it during the summer month's. I find it to be a good deal, and although Morton's is not my favorite steak in Manhattan, it is still an excellent quality filet and it comes with the equivalent portion of a seafood appetizer alond with full size sides and dessert. I believe I found the cost to be equal to the filet alone + the salad, so you get the rest for "free". If you tend to like the full meal experience rather than just the focus to be on the meat - it's a good deal.

    I think the steakhouses are just suffering right now, I was @ wolfgang's last night and it was 2/3 empty.

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      It is Morton's so I would think it would be at least decent. Happy you liked it. I will report back in a few weeks.

      Any other feedback would or tips would be appreciated.

    2. I actually have always liked Mortons. It may be a chain, and their "presentation" of the raw foods before you eat is a bit tacky, but their meat is tasty and their hashbrowns are pancake shaped -- and my favorite potato side dish at any steak house in NY.

      This sounds like a good deal.

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        I've done it and it's worth it, yes. I also like Morton's and have been to tons across the country where I've always liked the consistency of them. Their crab cakes are fab and I really like the dessert souffles!

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          Seem like a good deal, just wished they offered something other then Filet.

      2. We went. It was OK. We were a little disappointed. Service was bad. The waitress was just not good, but that can happen.

        Salads were ok, large portion. You can upgrade the choice from filet to others. I paid $11 extra and got a NY strip. Steaks were awesome. The seafood pairings we chose were shrimp and crabcake. Both were acceptable. French fries were terrbile. That is usually my favorite part - tasted and looked like Wendys.

        Dessert was great. We both got chocolate.

        Overall a good value as the steaks alone would probably have been about $100.

        Probably wouldn't do it again. It was not terrible - just did not leave me wanting more.

        I think it was more of a problem with the expectation I had with Morton's rather than the price or the food. I was right with my initial comment about probably 100 better/different places for steak in NYC.