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Oct 29, 2008 06:38 AM

Wine advice for Schwa

I am going to Schwa tomorrow and was hoping to get a couple recommendations on how I should best take advantage of their BYOB policy. It will only be my wife and I but we don't mind walking away with a couple partially consumed bottles. Given the menu, I'm not sure how exactly I should select wines to pair. Should I buy half bottles? I would love to spend the money on some great wines but I don't want to select wines that will clash with the meal. Is this the type of meal that is worth bringing a nice Barolo to or should we pick more subtle wines? I just see this as such a great opportunity to go to Sam's and indulge myself. I figure that I would have spent about $100-$200 on wine at an equivalent non-BYOB restaurant so why not spend that money anyway and get phenomenal wines

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  1. This question was asked earlier this month here:

    I can tell you this, though, from experience: I went with 4 people and we had 4 bottles: 2 reds, a white, and a sparkling. My friends brought the wine and they were in the $80 range each. The staff at schwa was able to pace the wine in conjunction with the food. After all, you have 9 or so different plates of varying intensity to match. In other words, I think it's best to get a variety of wines and even beer, and let the staff work it out for you.

    I'm not sure if they will wrap up your unused wine, though.

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      You can also call early in the day to find out what the menu will be - - and select wines accordingly. Of course, that assumes you can get through. But, that was Michael's suggestion when we made a reservation.

    2. Michael Carlson (chef at Schwa) has been known to suggest
      "something sparkling...
      a pinot blanc or a gruner veitliner...
      pinot noir or light-medium bodied red"

      We brought wines in that vein and handed them over to the kitchen to pour as they saw fit.

      You can also look at the discussion on LTH that starts (more or less) around here:

      1. Schwa ended up being phenomenal. We order the full tasting menu and almost every single dish was great and even the one or two dishes we didn't absolutely love were still very good. Prior to going, I stopped off at Binny's and with the help of a very knowledgeable employee, I picked up half a bottle of a demi-sec champagne, a gewertzaminer, and a oregon pinot. The wines were great and paired extremely well with the meal. I really liked that Michael would alternate between the red and the white through the course of the meal. At some point, I will get around to listing the wines I bought but I highly suggest this asortment. I can't wait to go back to Schwa, I just hope we will be able to get another reservation.