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Food-related Halloween costumes

My little foodie-in-the-making decided he wanted to be a sushi chef for Halloween. So even though I am barely a beginner sewer, I attempted to make him a happi coat and other bits. Who else has a food-related trick or treater in their house?

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  1. My daughter went as an ice cream cone last year but, with the fickleness of youth, has decided that she must be Raven from Teen Titans this year. She still has some sensibility, though. For her school's Literary Mystery Day (aka Halloween) she's going to be Eloise.

    1. We have no little kids, but for an adult Halloween party a couple of years ago I dressed as a bottle of wine - and my wife was a corkscrew!

      1. Last year, I shared my annual Halloween costume thru out college: French toast.

        Flat twin bed sheet sewn shut with cutouts for arms, head, legs.
        Paint and markers in black & brown & yellow to draw "crust" around the border of the sheet like a slice of toast with a pad of butter drawn in the center.
        Brown tights and slippers on my feet.
        I carried a small bottle of maple syrup in my hand and wore a French baret.

        1. Earlier this week I did an article on Halloween costumes and related the tale of a waiter who served us as a table with his head on a silver platter. Too funny and by squatting down he was able to create the illusion of his head coming out of the table. Here is more detail if you want to try it. The tale is near the bottom of the article.


          1. One year I dressed up as a fried egg--white sheet worn like a poncho, with a round yellow pillow velcroed right in the middle.

            And one year I had a roommate from Sweden. New to the Halloween tradition, he donned a toque, bow tie and apron and declared, "I'm the Swedish Chef!"

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              If you had horns and a pitchfork you could have been a deviled egg.

            2. several years ago my partner and i went at a fork and a piece of cake. We made them out of cardboard. Her face with in the middle of the fork with a cutout and her arms stuck out the side. We spray painted it silver and did her face in silver makeup. I was the wedge of cake. Painted the cardboard yellow..arm holes on each side. We crowned it with white fluff from the craft store, as well as put it on back and 1 thin line in the middle and spray painted it brown for the icing. My head stuck out the top and I took a colored tube and make it into a candle which sat atop my head. The finishing touch was on the fork there was a sign that read "i can have my cake and eat it too"....

              1. I dressed up as a piece of pizza one year. Made a sandwich board out of cardboard and glued on the toppings cut out of felt.

                1. I'm going out for some Halloween drinking this Friday right after class. It's culinary school.. so I'm going as a chef ;) I picked up a plastic butcher knife to tuck in my apron. I know, I'm cheating, but I won't have time to change!

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                  1. One of my friends has a tried and true. (Adult set only...teachers would send notes home!) Save those wine and liquor bottles, then tie them along a length of rope. Garb yourself with whatever robe-like item that seems sufficiently Halloweeny, then drape the rope-tied bottles around yourself.

                    "Departed Spirits."

                    1. I had plans to be Batali this year but never made it to a friends house to borrow her orange clogs.....maybe next year!

                      1. I remember seeing someone going as a bunch of grapes one year...purple leotard with purple balloons attached all over and some kind of hat with a green stem and some leaves.

                        1. One of my students showed up as the movie theatre floor. He had an all-black outfit with popcorn kernals, empty candy boxes, empty cups and crumpled tickets sewn to it.

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                            How funny, that sound like the movie theater of my childhood before they renovated.

                          2. when i was kid, i had a great costume as a 7-UP can. it was made out of a bendable foam, and then i wore green leggings and turtleneck underneath it. only thing was i couldn't really run it.

                            1. I saw someone as a very cute candy-corn the other evening. Consisted of a pointy hat (birthday party paper sort) and a tunic attached to a hoop at the base to create the tapered shape - all in the appropriate colored stripes.

                              1. I bought a few rolls of Smarties (the candy) and sewed them to a pair of shorts and went to a party as smarty pants.

                                1. A friend of mine dressed her four-month old as a pea pod this year. Totally adorable.

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                                    I saw a picture of a baby peapod on Serious Eats! They were sooo cute!

                                    When I was out, I saw a taco costume that was awesome!