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Oct 29, 2008 01:58 AM

ISO langoustines for grilling at home

So I just got back from Ireland and London and after having langoustines several times I want to start cooking with them. Is this possible in LA?

Also, I wouldn't mind replies about great places in LA that have them on their menu because that would be great too. My favorite way to have them is wood grilled with olive oil, garlic, and chives.


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  1. If the Santa Monica Seafood store does not carry them, then I don't know who will. They might even special order them for you, if you ask.

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      Langoustines atop an icy Fruit de Mer platter served with a side of shallot vinigarette dipping sauce is very fine indeed. I don't recall seeing them here, but you might try some of the frozen food sections of some of the Chinese markets--I doubt you'll find them fresh. You might try calling some of the high end seafood spots (Water Grill, Providence or Ocean Seafood) and ask if they know of a place thats not just wholesale.

    2. Not possible, unless you want to fedex them in.....

      1. IMP and Santa Monica Seafood get them frozen from the very place you ate them fresh. Unfortunately you'll probably be sorely disappointed in the comparison of the two.

        If you want something of the same calibre, you'll have to go for live Santa Barbara Spot Prawns. I believe the season just ended so you'll have to wait until next year. They are an incredible product and both IMP and SMS carry them.