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There was this place in Alhambra, about 8 years ago. Amazing, spicy, not too hard. I think it's either gone or I've lost it and can't seem to find it. Does any one rememeber? Or can anyone recommend a place for great pizzle?

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      It is a pizzlement (until you look into google that is):


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        It's one of two cuts of beef not available from heifers. The other cut is usually referred to as "prairie oyster".

      2. Maybe at a pet store?


        Just kidding, I am sure it's good for humans, too (different recipe). I remember seeing a freezer bin full of them in an Asian supermarket in Dallas. Very impressive, but there was no room for one in our cooler…

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            Forshizzle, thanks but no thanks for frozen pizzle. This place had FRESH pizzle, definitely NOT frozen. It makes all the difference.

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            Just put it in cold water for 10 minutes and fitting it into the cooler is no longer an issue.

          3. fo' shizzle my pizzle! (sorry bad...)

            youc an get some beef pizzle at hawaii supermarket. all frozen and cinnamon rolled up. take it home, thaw it, and saute with garlic, ginger, scallions and soy sauce. I've never made it like that, but it sounds good.

            1. Pots -> Petzl -> Pizzle
              Now I get it!

              1. So who here on this board of people who allegedly "live to eat", like to eat the really weird stuff? I'm looking for some hardcore dining partners. :-)

                1. Pho Nguyen Hue in Westminster (10487 Bolsa, just east of Brookhurst) has beef pizzle on the menu, although I've never ordered it. Their specialty is actually pho ga (chicken) for which they also offer some of the more interesting parts.

                  Tho I can't comment on whether the pizzle is fresh or not... the chicken definitely is. It has the same character as what you get after cooking your own from a live poultry joint... which can't be mistaken for supermarket stuff.

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                    For a moment, when I read "It has the same character as what you get after cooking your own " I had a quirky feeling.