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Oct 29, 2008 12:07 AM

Salem- in town. Good /best lunch/early dinner spot?

I am taking my 7 year old adventurous daughter there for a Halloween Day-
We like many things- although she still prefers dissecting the meal or things separate.
Ambience and interesting food is important.
Lunches here in Cambridge/Boston rank as they tend to be less pricey."Ethnic" food a plus.
Anything really stand out there that we can to easily? Public transport and walking.
What place is Salem know for?

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  1. Salem is going to be mobbed this weekend. I think I have seen it promoted more this year than any other year. There was an article in the Globe just the other day about Danvers witch was known as Salem Village. It still has the same charm but less crowded. The traffic into both places will be backed up. Although I don't know any restaurants in Danvers. Can anyone chime in?
    As for Witch City, Strega - if you are looking for dark, gothic-y embiance. It may be a bit pricy. Finz may be an option. If I were you, just go to Essex NY Deli in the mall and grab some quick food ie burgers, wraps and spend the day doing spooky things.

    1. Mobbed is probably an understatement, so don't count on being able to get into a particular restaurant, go with the flow and be flexible. That being said, I like the Old Spot for burgers, ploughman's lunch and good pub food; Finz for oysters, buffalo calamari or lobster mac & cheese and even Victoria Station isn't half bad. O'Neil's is a fun Irish pub that is also family oriented. Have fun!

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        Regardless of what else you eat, you have to stop at the Hawthorn Hotel for dessert. Go to the tavern... I had the white chocolate/carmel bread pudding and it was to die for. I went last month (to avoid the crowds) and had lunch on the Captains Quarters?? on the pier and later in the day we had dessert and cappaccino's at the Tavern, it was truly the highlight of the day.

      2. Oh, my. Good luck to you. I second the recommendation of the Old Spot, and it's across the way from the Hawthorne Hotel if you decide to take MeffaBabe's advice. I like the Indian place there, Passage to India as well. I also like The Thai Place also in the Essex Street mall, and apparently the japanese restaurant there is supposed to be good too (haven't been). The Gulu Gulu might work too, but the service is SLOW when it's empty, I can only imagine how it would be when crowded.

        I will be hiding in my house all day- I don't even like to commute on Halloween!

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          For great prices and kid friendly, try In A Pigs Eye on Derby street. They have live blues music on Friday afternoons. Monday and Tuesday they have a great Mexican menu. Try the turkey meatball sub. It is centrally located and near all the attracitons of downtown Salem. Check out the menu at

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          1. Re: places to eat. There's not a lot of amazing chow in Salem. Best experiences I've had were at Grapevine (dinner only) or Finz and would opt for these two spots first. Would not recommend most other places I've tried for food there, including Salem Beer Works, the Lyceum, Strega, Dodge Street Bar & Grill, or (if still open) Rockmore Floating Restaurant. Passage to India may or may not be good -- the branch in Cambridge is OK.

            Red's is OK for diner style food, and the incongruously named Boston Hot Dog is quite good for what it is. No ambiance to speak of at either place, though, and the food is pretty basic.