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Oct 28, 2008 10:16 PM

Best Mexican food in Reno

I'll be driving to Reno to meet up with my daughter. We're both craving good authentic Mexican Food. Suggestions on where to go would be appriciated!

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  1. La Fuente on Baring in Sparks is pretty good as is Bertha Marindas on Mill Street south of downtown Reno. Most of the 'favorites' in town are a product of their rowdy bar scenes rather than the quality of their food. ,

    1. A number of people have raved to us about Beto's on 5th. We haven't been there yet. It's been mentioned on CH also.

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        I like Betos. It's cash-only, BTW.
        Even better: Fresh Mex on 5th at Keystone.
        I don't care for Bertha Miranda's, but it sure is popular.
        I like El Salvador for their *Salvadorean* food. Get some pupusas! I don't think they do Mexican well at all.
        I'm going to have to try that new torta place!

        Fresh Mex
        985 W 5th St, Reno, NV 89503

      2. el adobe on arroyo, el salvador on forest.

        1. For good cheap food, Beto's, a place at Keystone and Fifth in Reno called Fresh Mex that looks like a chain but isn't (especially their tacos) and a place at McCarran and Prater in Sparks called Lupita's. For slightly more expensive food, I like La Fuente on Baring Boulevard and Murrieta's, which has locations on Neil and Peckham in Reno and Vista Boulevard near Baring.

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            I love Beto's. I also love the sope's at Los 4 Vientos, on Casazza (behind shoppers square).

          2. I second El Salvador and Beto's as excellent counter places. El Adobe is probably my favorite proper restaurant, but I've found nothing up here that I would deem excellent, like on the level of Lindo Michoacan in Vegas.

            I just tried Tortas Ebenezer, the new torta half-truck/half-building place on Wells just north of The BBQ House, and my roasted chicken torta was excellent -- the best torta I've had in a long while. (Admittedly, I haven't been entirely thorough in my local torta consumption.) Everything was made fresh and to order. I may post more about it after I've tried a few more of their options. (On the menu: Cubana, Pierna, Chavo-8, Del Nono, La Sonidera, Hawaiana, Roasted Chicken, Chorizo con Huevo, Milaneza, and a few more.)

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              North or south? BEcause there's one south of the BBQ house just across the street from the newly remodeled Taco Johns.

              1. re: SteveTimko

                That's Crazy Torta, in the blue building, and I'm not even sure it's open any more. No, this is definitely north of The BBQ House, in a white truck. (And an adjacent small building which they use for Jarritos and Coke refrigeration.)

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                  I just tried the roasted chicken torta at Tortas Ebenezer. I had the chipolte sauce option, it was really wonderful. I highly recommend it. And I told the owner about Chowhound and that I had read about his place on this site, and he was thrilled. I will be back to try some of the other options!

              2. re: crazymonk

                I happened to be on Wells today and spotted Tortas Ebenezer just north of the Oakland style BBQ place.

                The Asada torta was superb, and I'll have to try the roasted chicken now that I've read about it here. The torats are great values for $5.00, including tax.

                Oddly enough, the name on the truck where they do the cooking spells it as Tortas Evenezer, though the card they gave for calling my order in ahead of time shows the name with a "b", not a "v".

                Their card says they also do breakfast burritos, so maybe I'll give that a try, too.