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Nov 10, 2003 01:34 PM

ISO not-too-sweet marzipan

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i was wondering if anyone can suggest a place to get excellent marzipan in the los angeles area. i am looking for a marzipan that isn't too sweet (preferably with a 2:1 almond to sugar ratio).

in santa barbara, i got a log of excellent marzipan at the andersen's bakery/cafe, but that's quite a distance to travel! is there anywhere closer to home where i can get REAL marzipan and not the overly sugary stuff that i find at most places?

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  1. Surfas (In Culver City) has a good selection of marzipan, including one from Sicily that I think is very good and not too sweet. I serve it simply cut in slices with shards of good dark chocolate.

    1. Best suggestions I can give for the price -
      Check out the German Niederegger marzipan. It is available at the Van Nuys German Deli on Roscoe, and right now, there are many Niederegger products at Cost Plus (prices go down after Xmas). Niederegger has more sugar than what you're seeking, but it's a combination of marzipan, and what the germans call persipan, made like marzipan but with apricot or peach kernels. So the taste is a bit more spicy than a straight marzipan.

      Right now, La Espanola in harbor city imports many many marzipan products from Spain for the holidays. Although they have a catalog and you can buy online, going there is good if you like Spanish marzipan. They have everything from a $24 marzipan decorated dessert eel, to boxes of marzipan Figuritas, "empanadas" (Peces brand from Toledo) and even a Pan de Cadiz, which has a baked marzipan crust, and then filled with three layers - a layer of soft marzipan, a layer of "yema" (candied egg yolk) and a layer of cabello de angel (sp?), a candied spanish gourd/pumpkin, not to be confused with the Mexican pumpkin sweet of the same name - different plants.

      if you're looking for a marzipan paste to use in your own baking, then I'm sorry, I don't know.

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        this sounds WONDERFUL! thank you =) i'm not planning on using it in baking, so thank you both for your suggestions!

      2. alpine village in torrance also carries niederegger marzipan and i believe another brand. also an assortment of pigs and "potatoes" in marzipan. the turnover there is good.

        i'm wondering if la espanola's marzipan is made from marconas, a very flavorful type of almond.

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          I doubt it. They do carry several Marcona almond products. The marzipan they carry is manufactured in Spain by Peces, Toledo. This is a major concern, not an artisanal group. However, both Niederegger and Peces list almonds as the first ingredient over sugar.

          The Schluckwerder brand (they make marzipan pototoes, Koenigsberger style marzipan as well) has sugar listed first.

        2. Papa Critos, Pico & Normandie.