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Broken Plate Greek Restaurant - Calgary

In my continuing search for a great Greek restaurant I visited their location in Willow Park.
They have 3 in Calgary - Willow Park on McLeod Trail, Kensington and Ranchlands.
When we arrived around 6 on a Thursday and asked for a table for two I got the impression I was out of luck. The place was relativly empty. Within about ten minutes of being seated the place was packed and I sure got the impression from the Maitre D' (?) that he knew most of the arriving guests.
The food is very authentic and was certainly among the best I have had outside Greece. The only exception is It's All Greek to Me in Red Deer.
I had a lemon rice soup and Vilage Salad. My son had roast Lamb. It was cooked to perfection with rice, vegetables and of course the proper potatoes.
The service was great as was the atmosphere.
I will recommend this for a meal if yiou want authentic Greek.

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  1. the lamb shank is good - they also have the "art" of the restaurant timing down pat. ie. the kitchen's in the weeds, so they pull out a show breaking plates...to distract everyone. When when there is a wait at the door, the music is fast....so we'll hurry up and eta. Then, when there is no wait, but you haven't had dessert yet, the music is slow....so you'll order more. hehehe. Just an observation - but it was awhile ago since I was there. I've had food I enjoyed more in Toronto's "Greek Town", but Broken Plate is a welcome addition to the south end of town.

    1. We've always enjoyed eating at Broken Plate (we frequent the NW location) To me, the food is fresher, less heavy, and better presented than what I had in Greece. They also do take out too!! The Lamb Stifado is my fave, and unfortunately for my hips, the Chocolate Colossus.

      1. I'm afraid I have to disagree a bit about the Broken Plate. I went there with my mom and while it was okay, it wasn't stellar. My fish dish was tasty but the rice was definitely bland. My mom's moussaka was cold. We went there at an odd time, so we think the kitchen tried to hurry it out and it wasn't fully cooked. She wished they had warned her so she could get something else.

        It was alright, but we're not hurrying back.

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          I'm on AriaDream's side of the fence here. I've been to the Willow Park one twice, and was very disappointed. First time was my wife and I for lunch, on a visit to Calgary and at WP liquor buying whisky, and we were very underwhelmed. The souvlaki was on par with the frozen stuff from M&M Meats, the rice bland, the dolmades flavorless, horitaki salad had sliced canned olives...

          Second time, a few months later, I was in cowtown because my wife was doing some consulting and her hosts took us there (work was in south end). Same experience, and hosts even apologized for their choice they were so unhappy with the food.

          These visits were 12 and 6 months ago, so maybe it has improved but when I'min Calgary next month I'm not going to risk wasting a meal to find out.

          1. re: Dan G

            I do find that the north location is better than the south -- had a terrible lunch there once. I wouldn't call it the best food I've ever eaten, but it's a good no-brainer for dining with the kids. The plate smashing and flaming cheese keeps them non-squirmy for awhile ;o)

        2. I do enjoy Broken Plate- mainly their appies. I love Greek appetizers so much I would far rather share 3 or 4 of them with a friend than order one of the entrees.

          I have to say, it's the best Greek Food in Calgary, but I haven't found anywhere in Canada or Greece with Greek Food as good as Greekos in Regina, of all places!

          1. Have you been to Pegasus? It's the best Greek restaurant in Calgary, IMHO. I've only been to the Broken Plate in Kensington, once, maybe a year ago, it was OK but not great.

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              1. re: sharonanne

                Where's Pegasus? I'm going to be in Calgary again soon...

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                    Thanks - I think I have been there for lunch (a couple of years ago, so not sure) and liked it.

            1. Please don't misunderstand my post - the lamb shank was very good.... but I wouldn't order anything other than appetizers or lamb shank. But there is nothing to write home about otherwise. Except that it is in the South, but I would never venture to Kensington to go there...

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                Good to know. Maybe we'll try again with the lamb shank in mind. Just goes to show you what a difference one or two dishes can make to your impression of a place.

                I only eat appetizers or salad and pita at Pegasus.

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                  I quite often make a meal out of apps and salad at greek places - usually Mykonos. sharonanne have you tried Mykonos and if so where does it rate in your opinion compared to Pegasus?

                  1. re: maplesugar

                    We went once to Mykonos and I liked it. I just love the pita at Pegasus although it's sure not traditional. It seems to be the deciding factor for me.

              2. Broken Plate is definitely not the best Greek food in Calgary, not even close. Dan G's post best describes my 3 experiences at the south restaurant. Bland, and not at all worth what was paid. I will give any restaurant a 2nd or 3rd try but Broken Plate isn't worth another chance.

                In the south try Parthenon which is very good. Pegasus is also very good, and Mykonos is better than Broken Plate but not as good as it used to be.

                1. I have been to the Broken Plate, but there is another Greek restaurant in Calgary that I like better. It is called Santorini Greek Taverna. It is by far the best Greek food I have had.

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                    Unfortunately, I didn't have a good experience with Santorini a couple of months ago. The lamb itself was wonderful but the sides were horrible. The rice was mushy and the beans came in a strange tangy sauce and were mushy/overcooked as well. The calamari for appetizer was tasty but they didn't remove all the cartilage properly so I was spitting out cartilage bits.

                    1. re: miss.foodie

                      It's be several years since I've been but I didn't think much of Santorini either. If I lived in the north I'd go to Calypso, they had really good food and very friendly service, and very reasonable prices. Since I live in the south, Pegasus is still my go-to place for Greek.

                  2. i agree. I love Broken Plate. I think they have the best Calamari in Calgary.
                    I also like Orzzo(?) on 4th st SW in Mission for unpretentious Greek.
                    Pegasus has the most wonderful personal service! Say hi to Patty when you are there - you can't beat the experience.

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                    1. re: jsfoodchat

                      It's Ouzo (like the booze, not orzo like the pasta). I like it too, not as much as Pegasus for the food but they have a really nice patio.

                      1. re: hsk

                        lol - maybe I drank too much of it on my last visit. Thanks hsk.

                        1. re: jsfoodchat

                          Agree that the Broken Plate ( in the south at least) is average at best. Our favourite Greek over the years has always been Pegasus; the food and atmosphere are great. (When I look into the kitchen and see that all the chefs are oriental I do have to chuckle though.) Santorini's used to be great, so I'm sorry to hear the negatives here.

                          1. re: Conrad

                            For far too long, Calgary's Greek restaurants have foisted an unimaginative bastardized western version of what's supposed to be precise, simple nourishing (even creative) Mediterranean cuisine. The menus, soundtracks and smells in these places are virtually interchangeable. I always walk out feeling ripped off.

                            Crete Souvlaki is a happy exception. Piato (RIP) was another. Calypso's Taverna, which recently opened on Centre Street and 20th Ave N, seems to be off to a terrific start. They've got traditional soups and clean bean dishes. Their tomato sauces taste like tomato. They use fresh herbs. You don't have to fight through those layers of burnt cheese and greasy phyllo pastry to pick out sincere flavours. The appetizer platter for two will feed three. If you're still hungry, try a $5 bowl of whatever soup they have.

                            The place was empty last time I went in, which is really sad.