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Favorite Food/Recipe/Resource Website?

Any favorites out there? I find that I use 101 Cookbooks, Epicurious, Chow, Apartment Therapy (The Kitchen), MS and Donna Hay most often.

I could go for some more recommendations of must-sees!!

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  1. Sorry about the double post! Still getting a feel for this board......


    1. chowkari, here's a recent thread on this very topic...it may also help you...


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        Thank you :-)

        I did a search before posting but I guess I missed it....

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          chowkari, the search function on this board is abysmal, really bad...I usually have better luck going to Google and putting in a key work and chowhound, so I don't blame you for not having much luck in your search.

      2. i'm a big fan of Phaedrus' website http://www.hungrybrowser.com/phaedrus .... great recipes as well as background and origin info.

        1. VideoJug is a beaut:


          Use the quick search and just click on a picture. Speakers on.

          1. I really like recipezaar.com
            The rating system and comments from users are great. People mention alternatives they used in the recipes and how they worked out. Plus with a free registration you can save recipes, etc.
            Plus I am gluten free and they have a great community on there sharing recipes!

            1. Hands down, either Americas Test Kitchen or Cooks Country.

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                I don't usually love Rachel Ray's TV show but i find her Everyday cooking site helpful, www.rachelray.com
                This is especially good when you just don't know what to make for dinner...again.
                landolakes.com is good for cookies and cakes and kingarthur.com is great for more ambitious baking. Don't overlook betterbaking.com, even though they do charge for some recipes.

              2. I find saveur.com a solid source for recipes, etc.

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                  Ah yes, I have a sub and also use that site. Thanks for the reminder! In fact, now that I remember, I got a fair amount of Thanksgiving recipes from the site last year.

                2. Chow, Epicurious, 101 Cookbooks, Recipezaar and MyRecipes are all on my favorites list.