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Oct 28, 2008 06:52 PM

ISO Grocery store curry paste

With all the choices available at the asian grocery stores, can anyone make a recommendation for a good bottled thai curry paste? I can't remember the brand I tried previously but it was quite fishy and stale-tasting.

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  1. Mae Sri is my favourite if I don't have time to make my own (comes in cans), but Mae Ploy is also a very popular choice and considered to be good quality.

    What kind of curry paste was your last one? Some Thai curry pastes are made with large quantities of fish (e.g. sour yellow curry paste, pad phrik khing paste).

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    1. re: vorpal

      I vote for Mae Ploy. It's the only paste I buy. Great blend of flavours.

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        Mae Sri is the best ever. I buy mine at a nearby Asian market for 89 cents a can and it never lets me down.

      2. Just the paste, or the sauce too? I've been nuts about the PC Yellow Thai curry for years now. Just add 1 1lb of stewing beef and simmer for 90 minutes on low.

        1. Actually I love Thai Kitchen both red curry and green curry. Not fishy or stale at all. good luck

          1. Mae Sri and Mae Ploy are the winners, it seems. Thanks to all for the intel.

            I'm hesitant to buy another PC crack at ethnic food. I remember being fooled by their inedible pad thai once -- I can manage my own rubbery peanut sauce noodles, thanks so much. A second time I tried their canned tom yum soup which was...incredibly bland and weird. Campbell's chicken noodle soup has more complexity.

            Vorpal, the fishy jarred product I used was actually a laksa paste. It said 'made in Thailand' which I thought would mean it was going to be safely decent.

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            1. re: neighborguy

              Laksa sounds much more Indonesian / Malaysian to me, and I'm not familiar with the ingredients, but I would suspect that trying to make a Thai curry with it might not turn out. Try to make sure you buy the curry paste that suits the application you're using it for, as it's the most important ingredient.

              The PC frozen red curry chicken is actually pretty good... one of the better red curries I've had, and preferable to most restaurant offerings, IMO!

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                I hear you. A lot of their stuff is hit and miss. Their pad thai sauce and lemongrass soup is pretty forgettable, but the curry is the real deal. It's probably just ARROY-D or some other brand re-labeled. Not sure which one though.