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Oct 28, 2008 06:34 PM

South Egremont, Massachusetts

I am going to be spending four nights with my family in this town the weekend before Thanksgiving. My family includes a two year old who will eat anything but loves pizza. I am a decent cook and am looking forward to putting together a couple of good meals - we are renting a place with a full kitchen. Looking for suggestions for places to have a nice meal - probably lunch and suggestions for grocery shopping. We are driving up from Brooklyn. Any local specialties? I live in Mexico and my family is from California and Switzerland - so our tastes are all over the place. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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  1. For fancy in South Egremont, the Old Mill - for breakfast, Mothers, just up the street from Old Mill (both on the main street before the Route 41 turnoff) - i gave you some other suggestions on the Route 7 Grill post. Enjoy. Its a wonderful area and we love visiting it.

    1. I agree 100% with teezeetoo!
      If I had written the first reply I would have said the exact same thing he/she did;(great minds think alike---LOL).
      I would add that I avoid the Inn at S. Egremont.
      Overpriced with surcharges for everything;we stayed there last year with friends.
      A side trip to Geatr Barrington and their many shops on Main Street might be fun as well.
      Baba Louie's on Main Street in Great Barrington has outstanding and unique pizza and is a real fun restaurant to try for lunch aswell.
      We alwaysstop there for some great pizza.
      Have a good time!

      1. Best breakfast is at Martin's at the top of Railroad St. in Great Barrington, John Andrews on Rt. 23 in S. Egremont for upscale dining and Guido's marketplace in Great Barrington on Rt. 7 for grocery shopping.

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          Martins is a great breakfast. But be is cash only. I got stuck once with a bill and no cash.

        2. You can find some great local specialties to make in your kitchen at Guidos Marketplace in Great Barrington, a short drive from Egremont. If you need staples, the Big Y is right next door so it's an easy one stop shop. Baba Louies is GREAT pizza in Great Barrington as well and several other choices there. I suggest taking a day to walk around Great Barrington and explore the town and decide on lunch as you are walking. Such a great town. My new favorite restaurant is the Old Stagecoach tavern in Sheffield , just minutes from South Egremont ( take route 41 south) it has such a warm atmosphere and the food is fabulous! Second Mom's in Egremont for breakfast, nice to overlook the river. Have fun and enjoy the Berkshires!!!

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            Thanks everyone - we had a terrific dinner at the Route 7 Grill - it was definitely kid friendly and very affordable. And we loved Uncommon Grounds - went three times. What a great place to take kids and the coffee was wonderful - as was the breakfast and light lunch. Don't know what I would do without chowhound. Let me know if any of you ever come to Todos Santos, an hour north of Cabo and I will try to give you some good tips..