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Oct 28, 2008 05:58 PM

Angela's coal fired pizza openig second location?

A friend told me that Angela's is opening a second location in Tyngsboro. He heard they purchased the old Mathews strip club and are opening in a few weeks. Can't wait alot closer and easier to get to from my neck of the woods. I'm addicted to that pizza.

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  1. I heard something a reference to the owner being in Tyngsboro when I visited this weekend.

    If that's the specific location, it would be a funny twist - I remember when that location was a very pleasant gay/lesbian lounge (actually, it was probably the nicest such lounge in the metro Boston area in its day), before it got converted into a "gentlemen's club" for strippers.


      I believe it is at the location of the old Mathews. Looking forward to trying it.

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        had the salad,pretty good "run of the mil" alittle olive oil cut with soy bean or light veggetable oil,a hard boiled egg an lettuce. disappointed with the coal oven pizza margheritta, the texture of the dough was bready. go to Bianchi"s on Revere Beach for a better pie but keep your heater on in the car for comfort

        1. re: PAULSCOHEN

          I've never been but I was looking at the pictures of the pizza on their web site. The crust looks like they are using a cheap dough. The kind of dough that if you put left over slices in the fridge over night, the crust would taste like soggy corn flakes ground up and made into a pie. It's a shame because I've read a lot about coal fired pizzerias in NY. I'll still probably give it a try but my expectations are really low.

          1. re: robertlf

            No, it's a great pie. My brother, who eats coal-oven pizzas in NYC twice a week, is a big fan of Angela's.

            1. re: Karl S

              I went tonight. Good but not great. It's similar to Bertucci's but like I thought they use a low quality pizza dough. The menu is also very limited.

              1. re: F.F.C.

                Their pizza, I can take it or leave it, but my love for those chicken wings verges on the embarrassing.

        2. There is a sign on the former Shanahan's Jazzwine Bar&Grill saying Angela's is coming soon. Don't know if this is the same location to which Karl and mjg refer. It is just south of the Nashua line on Daniel Webster Hwy (or whatever it's called in MA), roughly across from the Dream Diner.

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            I've been to the Saugus location and thought everything was just great -- the wings, pizza, and salad.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I went this evening to the Tyngsborough location. The atmosphere was very nice, the wings were awesome, the pizza just okay.

              Our service went from okay to downright horrible. Once we were seated, our server did come over and explained the menu and made some suggestions. After ordering some wings and salad our server came back with our drinks. Okay so far..Then our appetizers arrive, but we didn't have any utensils and our server was no where to be found (the place wasn't even busy).

              Soon after our pizza came and I ordered another drink -- it never arrived. Needless to say, our server was MIA AGAIN! It took forever for our server to wrap up our leftovers and get our bill.

              I would go back for beer & wings at the bar -- that's about it!