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Oct 28, 2008 05:40 PM

Recommended cheesesteaks near U-M Ann Arbor

There are a zillion sandwich shops near the University of Michigan campus, and the new Joe's Sub Shop didn't promise much with its huge banners proclaiming "Home of the 16-inch Sub"--sounded like a monument to the excesses of student eating (not that I couldn't have put one away myself once upon a time). But I sometimes have a hankering for Philly cheesesteaks, so I stopped in. And then I went back again. I haven't tried the other subs, but the cheesesteaks are good. There is an eight-inch size. The meat is tender. The veggies are fresh. You can get provolone, Swiss, or American cheese, plus your choice of many other free toppings including the traditional crushed red pepper sauce. I like to mix hot sauce and ranch dressing, and the owner, who is really named Joe, did that. Takeout, with five or six tables, and definitely better than the chain sub places along State St.

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  1. Havn't heard of or been to this place.

    Many people swear by Mr. Spot's, it's good but I prefer Izzy's on Stadium.

    Both are good but not outstanding, I will have to give Joe's a try some day.

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    1. re: hollowellreid

      I am one who swears by Mr. Spots. Never had a cheesesteak in philly, but Spot's is very good. Their wings are the best in Ann Arbor imo, and you can go next door to Pizza Bob's for a shake.

      Gabriel's in Ypsi is supposed to be awesome, but never been.

      Problem is, with restos closing and opening so often in A2, it's likely Joe's sub shop will be out of business by the time I get to there. Although here's hoping.

    2. Don't know if it's still the same, but Mary's Fabulous on Packard used to have fantastic Philly cheesesteaks. And handmade onion rings to die for!

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      1. re: coney with everything

        does Mary's do bbq? what else do they do? I always wanted to stop in but it's usually closed when I drive by.

      2. I'm off Friday. Maybe I'll try. Where is Joe's? Of course, I have to get back to Sylvio's too. My go-to Philly cheese steak shop in Ann Arbor is Broadway Cafe. Their cheese steaks are as good as the now-defunct Philly's, which used to be on Packard by Carpenter, and better than Gabriel's, IMHO. As an aside, I've cheese steaked at Pat's in Philadelphia, the self-proclaimed originator of cheese steak hoagies, sucked. Anyway, somebody needs to organize a cheese steak tasting crawl.

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        1. re: Summerfield

          Joe's is on State between Liberty and Washington. I also like Broadway Cafe and Izzy's . . . maybe we're over-cheesesteaked here. I also have Gabriel's on my list to try.

          1. re: Jim M

            Ha! No such thing as "over-cheesesteaked". Let me see...Friday I go down town. I hit Joe's, wait a couple of minutes and then pad over to Sylvio's, and then motor out to Izzy's. Yeah, that's a plan.