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Oct 28, 2008 03:43 PM

newburyport ma lunchand dinner recommendations

my husband and i will be in newburyport tomorrow for one night and would like reommendations - like fish - fans of olives

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  1. We stopped at the roadside Fish Place, I think its called Bobs Lobster?? It was on the main road heading into Newburyport, right after the bridge... really fresh seafood/rings. Not fancy, paperplates but you get a HUGE portion of really, really great seafood.

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      Bob Lobster is great for a casual lunch (not really a dinner destination), and it is right on the road leading to Plum Island. Right across from the airport, you can't miss it. My favorite place for lobster rolls (perfect after a summer beach day on the island!), although they do have a variety of other fried seafood dishes. I am fairly certain they're open year-round - nonetheless, I'd still check on their winter hours.

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        Bob Lobster is on the road heading into Plum Island a short drive from downtown Newburyport...excellent fried seafood.
        Plum Island Grille is a little futher up the road from Bob Lobster and another good choice.
        In Newburyport you have many options to consider...Black Cow, David's Tavern, The Grog, Michaels Harborside, Ten Center Street,......have a nice time.

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          Just came from The Grog. Fish and chips, an Ipswich Ale and a shared creme brulee.

          Newburyport is a conundrum. Such a wonderful place to be....but sadly lacking in restaurants with good to great food. Everything tends to be meh.

          The Grog, like Michael's, is a place I like to go because it is so Newburyport, so neighborhood...the Grog is the Warren Tavern north. It's never about the food, it's about occasion and/or location.

          The fish and chips were good. The creme brulee was ok but it was a nice big portion to share. We sat at the bar and envied those that live within walking distance.

          A sidenote... both Michael's and The Grog are good for oysters in a pinch....when the craving overcomes.

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            I agree with your comments....I'm never wowed by any of the food in Newburyport and I just enjoy being there with friends enjoying the day or evening taking in the local color of everthing.
            Stella's of Middle Street has started doing dinners once a month (haven't been for dinner yet) and you might want to sign up for their newsletter http://www.stellasofmiddlestreet.com/...
            Nice place for breakfast and lunch, and they sell fresh duck eggs if anyones ever looking for some for home.

      2. We just had a couple good appetizers and drinks at Michael's last Sat. Fairly interesting menu and well priced. Someone recommended Glenn's just down the street before the main downtown area. Looked like a cute place. Fun drinks at Aquatini.

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          Yes....Glenn's is another good place to add the list.

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            Will also recommend Glenn's (open for dinner only) and suggest Ten Center Street as a secondary alternative.

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              thank youb - tried glenns - very good food -also had a great lunch at bob's

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            I had an excellent mahi mahi dish (I think it had a citrus garlic butter marinade?) with sweet potato fries at Michael's a few weeks ago.

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