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Oct 28, 2008 02:33 PM

WInston Salem chow? Little help chowhounds?

Hi there, my wife and I are haveing a little mini-moon in Winston Salem and we're looking for some tasty places to eat, brunch/lunch dinner.

Any suggestions? We live in Chapel Hill and love Fishmongers, 411, Weathervane, Elmos, and Milltown.

We're originally from ATL, and miss decent Dim Sum and Pho. All would be welcome additions if they exist in the area.

Thanks Guys!

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  1. Well, coming from CH and ATL, you may be a bit disappointed. That said, W-S isn't too bad...although we don't have any vietnamese or dim sum (at least that I'm aware of). Downtown Thai is very good, Sweet Potatoes in the downtown Arts District is excellent. Milner's is a good upscale choice. Little Richard's has great BBQ. Foothill's Brewing has great beer, and Finnegan's Wake is a fun Irish Pub right up the street from Sweet Potatoes. Around the corner is 6th and Vine, a nice wine bar. Meridian is another good upscale choice. Athena on Stratford Road has great greek food.

      1. no dim sum though you can get good pho on your way to winston if you stop in gso.
        for pho if you want atmosphere and other good viet choice go to saigon. if you just want good pho try van loi (best pho in town) on high point rd or pho hien vuong(sp) on spring garden

        In winston try Milners, sweet potatoes, lil richards or mr bbq. If you do meridian I would sit at the bar. You can order from the main menu or the more interesting bar menu

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          Try Ollie's for very good (and expensive) bread and a mind-boggling array of cakes and such. I haven't had such good bread in Chapel Hill/Carrboro since Weaver St.'s started to go a little downhill. Go on Sat. morning rather than Sun if you can so you see the variety. They close Sun. early at 2 pm and are closed Mondays.

          1. re: lilyanna

            Their bread is very good. Given the recent rise in cheap supermarket bread I don't consider then expensive anymore given the quality. Try the orange molina bread(i think it is sunday only) brioche or sandwich loaf. Also one of the few places in town to get a blenheims. Not a fan of their baguette or focaccia but many of their sweets are good

          2. re: quazi

            I second quazi's recs to stop in Greensboro if you are looking for pho or good vietnamese. W-S has decent pan-Asian at Xia and Oriental Cafe, but neither is as good as restaurants in CH.

            I also heartily agree with his recs for Milner's (low country inspired) and Sweet Potatoes (down-home southern). Ombu off Hanes Mall Blvd also had a good review in the Journal recently, although I haven't had the opportunity to dine there.


            I'm less enthusiastic about the barbecue recs, although that my reflect my own biased taste buds (I'm a Wilbur's fan living in enemy territory). I think that Allen & Son in your neck of the woods is better than either of these-or more accurately, I think that it was better a few years ago, since I haven't been to CH lately.

          3. Sweet Potatoes is fun on a Friday or Saturday night.

            I liked the food at Camel City Cafe last time I was there, but not so much the atmosphere.

            Sixth and Vine is lively on a weekend night, but food also inconsistent. If you go, go for the antipasti platter (perhaps a reflection of good shopping rather than good cooking?). That said, if you like wine, a good place to try a few by the glass...

            Salem Tavern or Zeverly House might be fun because they harken back to Ye Olde Moravian Days, but the food is more inconsistent. Still, it's not something you'll find in the Triangle. The lemon ice cream at Salem Tavern is quite good. They're also open for lunch.

            Have fun!

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            1. re: lilyanna

              Thanks Chowhounds! It looks like all of you mentioned Sweet Potatoes, so it's gotta be a go. I'm curious about the Salem Tavern too...

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                never heard great things about salem tavern. just get some moravian baked goods(cookies and sugar cake) and tour old salem.

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                  Salem Tavern is definitely more for the atmosphere than the food - however, the lemon ice cream...I know that man cannot live on lemon ice cream alone, though. It's just very different from what you'd find in the Triangle, for sure, in terms of "Moravianess." But Zevelry House has some of that, plus better food, and an outdoor patio with a fireplace if the weather's nice.

                  If you're in town for brunch, Mary's Of Course is a must! Just come prepared to wait. Finnigan's Wake on Trade St. also does a hearty, Irish-inspired brunch and their bacon is very good (thick, lots of it) but service there is very spotty...

                  Also, stop at Giacomo's in Greensboro on your way back home and pick up some meatballs, sausages (cured and fresh), etc. They make them all and distribute to some speciality shops in the Triangle, but it's fun to visit the deli. Open on Sunday.

                  1. re: lilyanna

                    Thanks for all of your help guys. I went to Ollies one breakfast and had an AMAZING orange and chocolate brioche, it was like I was eating a fluffy slik cloud.

                    Sweet Potatoes was delicious, I got the fried chicken (they HAD to do that right) and it was crisp, juicy, and darn near perfect. My wife's stuffed trout, however, was fishy and tasteless (not to mention served head-on!). The service was hideous.. the table next to us ended up yelling at our server and our check was delivered with tears in her eyes.

                    6th and Vine was yummy... We had just eaten some more Ollies that afternoon (couldn't help ourselves) so we stuck with small plates: Mussells with leaks and cream were a wonderful gamble and the margarita pizza was simple and fresh. Oh, and somehow we ended up spending $80 on wine. Yikes!

                    1. re: jmpswann

                      We, too, found Sweet Potatoes severely underwhelming, and we will never return. I ordered that stuffed trout, too, and it was almost inedible.

                      What did the server do to get yelled at?! Good lord.