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Oct 28, 2008 02:04 PM

las vegas - best spot in caesars?

staying for 1 night only and not looking to leave hotel - whats the best?
bradley ogden? is it super expensive? anything impressive and not a fortune?


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  1. You can't go wrong at Mesa Grill. Also, it is not insanely expensive like some of the other places. Because Caesar's is connected to the forum shops and Bellagio, you may want to check out some other posts and other restaurants. I like Il Molino, Boa Steak, Sushi Roku, Fix (very fun place, good for one person, try the crazy drinks) There are almost too many places to name.

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      Totally agree on Mesa Grill. I recently had a fabulous cheeseburger there. We have also had good meals at Joe's Stone Crab. I was less impressed with BOA. I thought it was expensive for what we got.

    2. Guy Savoy has a bar menu that looked fantastic. We didn't eat in the bar, we went to the dining room but the food we had at the restaurant was among the best in the country. The restaurant Guy Savoy is very expensive, but worth it - their bar menu is pretty reasonable.

      1. Although the prices are in the $14 to $16 range, Serenidity 3 in front of Caesars had really good portions for the price. Do not, unless you get a "free one" from Expedia's summer deals order the "frozen hot chocolate" drink, it's not worth $14 by itself. I would definitely recommend the pizza and caesar salad with croutons the "size of the car fuzzy dice" for a party of three. Tip: go early to avoid the wait outside in the 100+ weather.

        1. When I am there by myself I enjoy eating at the bar at Mesa Grill. Always great service, friendly staff and I have experienced great food.

          1. noodle 9 or mesa are the two best casual and non wallet breaking spots in caesars.

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              Forget meals, the best place hands down at CP is Payard.

              Those desserts and chocolates are the best!!!

              Although I always frequent Mesa Grill for lunch on our visits.