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Oct 28, 2008 01:31 PM

oysters at loblaws or loeb(metro)

I just noticed some pictures of oysters availble at loblaws on the flyer (malpaque, raspberry point, etc) has anyone tried them? I'll assume they arent super fresh, but they seem pretty cheap (13.99 for 2 dozen at loeb, 7.99 for dozen at loblaw in ottawa for malpaque)

the only time ive tried raw oysters from a supermarket was from farm boy and they were like 30 cents each haha... i dont know what kind they were, but they werent particularly good and i drank a half bottle of whiskey for preventative measures...

i dont know, just curious... may just pick up a box to hold me over before i get to rodneys or starfish in toronto

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  1. Whew, given the malodorous cloud around many GTA Loblaws fish counters, I'd pass. Put another way, you might not make it to TO if you do...

    1. They are live oysters. Exactly the same as you would get at Rodneys or Starfish. No better and no less quality.

      1. saw the flyer late last week and picked up some beausoleils ($17 for 24) on sunday at the loblaw by dupont and christie. it was the last box and heard about the malpeque sale a few days afterwards.

        just cracked open 4 (didn't have a chance to before) and they're perfection. lots of liquor and fills the shell nicely, no paltry ones thus far. good brine flavour and no off smells. in the box they are tightly clamped and again, no smells.

        so go for it! oysters also aren't as fragile as many want to believe they are and last a while out of water. but then again, i'm the girl who eats raw lobster from t&t, something virtually no one on this board agrees with.

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        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Went to the superstore to see if they have any and found a box of 33 malpeques for 14.99, it was the last box... opened 15 of them and they arent bad actually, were fresh enough.. had them with a couple pints of guiness.

          the sticker date thing says the 23rd of october, wonder if that is the fished date, the received at sorting place in ontario date or wat? if that is the fished date then that seems to be pretty fresh... anyways, semi impressed, wonder if they will have any kumamotos anytime soon... ill probably try all the other ones later on in the week if i dont get too lazy..

          hmm raw lobster at t&t? wish i was that brave... i had some last weekend at tako sushi, it was pretty good... wonder if they just get it from the same source as t&t? is vodka enough to disinfect any parasites??? if so i may try.. hehe... mmmm raw stuff...

          1. re: Pigurd

            Vodka would not kill anything inside the meat. Penetration would be 1-2 mm unless you left it overnight.
            When salt is rubbed into pork, it penetrates at about 1 inch per week.

            1. re: jayt90

              i mean drink while eating, would that work? since its all processed in belly with vodka swirling around?

              1. re: Pigurd

                Hopefully a biologist will answer this.
                However, tapeworms can survive in vile surroundings: raw herring, vinegar, salt, and the human gut.

        2. Glad to hear they have them again - every time I see the box of malpeques for $13 I buy them and we have a feast. Always had good luck with them - though I do need a better oyster knife....

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          1. re: juliewong

            Guess what - the Mr actually came home with some loblaws oysters - $7.99 a dozen and we are enjoying them right now!

            1. re: juliewong

              i got the raspberry points for 99cents each and they were delicious and fresh! loblaws is not a BAD place for seafood.

              1. re: jayseeca

                coo, thats good to hear... i just ate another dozen, seems like there r more than 33 in a box, i guess its by weight or how many fit in there... i found a couple more boxes in a loeb and for less... but i think ive had enough for now.. took me an hour to scrub and shuck.. hehe, yea i suck... and im using wat i think is a cheese knife to open them...

                1. re: Pigurd

                  Just make sure they don't smell like Ammonia and you're good to go!

                  1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                    Picked up 4 different kinds and sampled them last night. The Malpeques were very nice, the beausoleils were nummy, and the... dammit, I'm forgetting the name... Port something? were really lovely and plump and briny. The raspberry points, however, were a huge disappointment. They looked and smelled fine - don't get me wrong, the weren't "off" - but they were almost entirely flavorless. Fortunately, I had plenty of others to enjoy.

                    They were all fresh and clean, and definitely tightly-shut. I have 7 small puncture/slices in my left hand from the knife. (I hold them in my hand while shucking, and use no gloves/towel, so I do take that risk). I'd buy them again (except for the raspberry pont).