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Oct 28, 2008 01:22 PM

Steamed (not raw) oysters in Southeast Florida?

Have had a hankering lately for a couple buckets of steamed oysters in southeast Florida. Anyone know of a restaurant that serves them here?

When I'm on the SW coast, have enjoyed Phillipi Creek's (in Sarasota Area) -- big metal pans with the oysters served on top of chunks of celery and onions -- and also at SOB's (that's Smoked Oyster Brewery) on Ft. Myers Beach.

Had to settle for a half dozen roasted ones with blue cheese at Shuck N Dive in Fort Lauderdale the other day -- huge ones, too -- but still not satisfying my
craving(s). And only whetted my appetite (and my memory). All suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. If all else can get an Oyster Roast Carolina Style, where they bring you a bucket for around $ Hooter's.

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      Surprised myself and went with my husband to Hooter's to try their Oysters as this was the closest location. (Was one of only about 3 women in the place besides the "waitresses" BTW). Anyhow, the steamed oysters were $20.99 for 3 dozen steamed in a bucket. They give you shucking knives, cocktail sauce, and extra horseradish. You can also request melted butter and lemons if you wish. Have to say it was well worth the price for the amount we got --the oysters were decent size, easy to shuck, tasted fine. Off to Southport Raw Bar next to try their oysters.

      Thanks for the suggestions. Most appreciated.

    2. Spoto's Oyster Bar has locations in downton west palm and palm beach gardens. The oysters there are great! They usually have about 3 or so different types of oysters, and you can have them steamed or raw.

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        South port Raw bar in lauderdale serves them steamed. And they are good!