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Oct 28, 2008 12:17 PM

Taco Tuesday for a group?

Where's the best Taco Tuesday in LA that can hold a group of 10-15? I know Marix has a great one in West Hollywood, but the restaurant is pretty small, so I don't think they could hold us. Spanish Kitchen also has one, but I haven't been yet... Any suggestions? Preferably no farther east than Los Feliz, no farther west than Santa Monica... Thank you!!

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  1. I'm thrown by the "no farther west than SM" part.

    Marix in Santa Monica Canyon can easily accommodate you.

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    1. re: yogachik

      haha - just realized I wrote the no farther west than SM. my bad! I'm just saying I'd go anywhere from SM to Los Feliz, but not really farther south or the Valley. :)


    2. don antonio's on pico, a few blocks east of bundy. be forewarned, it is a zoo there.

      now that i think about it, they do taco weds...not tues.

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      1. re: wilafur

        Don Antonio's has Taco Wednesday. But the patio is klller any day.

      2. Re: Spanish Kitchen's Taco Tuesday... I've never been to taco night, so I can't tell you much about the tacos... but I used to frequently go to their Enchilada Mondays (until they changed the menu and the deal a few months ago).

        Spanish Kitchen would certainly have the space for a large group (though like anything in L.A. you'd probably want to call ahead). They offer plenty of fun margaritas, though maybe not the best ones you'll ever taste. Opinions on their food vary-- I used to love the enchiladas. Sometimes there are live mariachi performers in the evening. In all, I think you'd have a pretty good time with a group at Spanish Kitchen.

        1. I was just at el toritto in sherman oaks last night for taco tuesday. it was wild. tons of food to be had, and the tacos are just 99 cents. They are small, but there is a tortila lady there who makes them for you right then and there. delicious. the margaritas are enormous. Come on, make a trek to the valley for this one.

          1. Don Chuy's in Mar Vista has a good taco Tuesday. It's always been $1 a taco when I have gone (it's been a while - so check first if this is convenient for you). On the NW corner of McLaughlin (Barrington) and Washington Place.