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Oct 28, 2008 11:18 AM

Park City/SLC Recommendations for 2-month stay

Hi, Chowhounds-

My husband and I will be living in Park City for February and March of next year with our 3-year-old son (near Prospector Square). We love dining out and are (all) adventurous eaters. Since we'll have time to try lots of places, I'd appreciate any recs of places that we should be absolutely sure not to miss during our stay (can be SLC, PC or nearby, e.g. Heber).

Also, we hope to cook in a fair amount (we need to save some money for skiing, after all) -- what's the best grocery store in/near Park City? Our priorities are good produce and ideally good fresh fish (we live in Seattle now and are spoiled, probably). Willing to drive a little occasionally to get the best stuff...

And finally, maybe not appropriate for this board, but if any locals have suggestions re activities for our toddler (he'll have ski school and I'm sure will insist on tubing, but that's all we know about), I'd love those as well!

Thanks so much!

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  1. I can certainly suggest places in SLC for you, what type of cuisine do you prefer?

    As for fresh fish, I think your going to be hard pressed beating Seattle, what with us being a land locked state. That said in down town SLC there is a really great little fish market called Aquarius:

    The guys there are really enthusiastic about their product, they know where everything was caught and when. You also have the added benefit of that being attached to Tony Caputo Market & Deli:


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      Thanks, Stuart; we'll definitely check that out. As to restaurants, we like almost anything, but are especially partial to Japanese (sushi and otherwise), northern Italian, Vietnamese or Thai. Also Mexican, both gourmet and the guilty pleasure Tex-Mex kind. Oh, and we also eat a lot of what we refer to as "yuppie chow" - I suppose New American? -local/organic ingredients interestingly prepared...

    2. In Park City shop at either the Albertson's or Dan's Grocery. Both good. For Lunch on the mountain at Park: 5 Way Cafe off Homerun; At Canyon's: Look Out Cabin - call for reservation (435-615-2892 - had it on speed dial..); At Deer Valley: Any cafeteria - for ski mountain food, these will make you laugh they're so over the top. Dinner: Generally too tired to go so lots of meals at home. However, 4 Bill Lee restaurants: Grappa, Chimayo, Wahso Asian Grill and Windy Ridge Cafe. The cafe is very good and cheap - same quality as the other restaurants for less $. Grappa is, for me, just too rich and heavy. By the end of the day, I could fall asleep after ( or in) the first course. Chimayo is Southwestern cuisine and very good. Wahso is good too. Jean Louis is worth the trip once. My favorites: Blind Dog Grill without a doubt. Two decors, same food (Sushi Bar in one) When just the 2 of you, sit at the bar in the more formal side, get to know someone! Kobe burgers, and the absolute best Mac and Cheese I've ever had. I can only imagine what you must be thinking about my culinary knowledge, my palette, etc., but trust me here. Finally the Wasatch Brew Pup. Inexpensive, family friendly, comfort food. How bad can that be?

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        I think you mean Bill White cat ciao? To your list of his restaurants in PC, I would also add Ghidotti's. Really excellent Italian. That said apart from WRC, all his other places are pretty pricey (worth it imho).


        1. re: Cat ciao

          Definitely would second Wahso and Chimayo as two outstanding, if expensive, Main Street eateries. There's a decent Vietnamese place (Saigon something-or-other) and a good Thai joint (Bangkok Thai) also along Main Street. Deer Valley is home to some superb food. Glitretend, the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet, and Goldener Hirsch are all worth visiting. I've also heard some very good things about Reef's Kitchen, a Middle-Eastern eatery in the Kimball Junction (near the I-80 exchange) neighborhood. For a unique experience, try the yurt dining at the Canyons Ski Resort (one skies or takes a sleigh up to a tent on the slopes for a gourmet dinner).

          In SLC, several places worth the extra drive would be Takashi (outstanding sushi), the Red Iguana (wonderful divey Mexican), Mazza (superb Lebanese), Martine (reasonable tapas), and Cucina Toscana (you'll like it better than the Italian fare at Grappa or Ghidotti's and it'll probably be cheaper, to boot!).

          1. re: SheriffL

            SheriffL, check, check check. All of those suggestions are exactly what I had in mind. Takashi is the best sushi, Mazza is the best Med (and reasonable!), Red Iguana is the best Mexican. Of course all of those are in Salt Lake, but for the prices you will get in Salt Lake it is probably worth the drive.

        2. Also in SLC, Franck's and The Paris. The former French skewed american comfort food, and the latter French bistro fare. Both excellent.


          1. I'll recommend Sushi Maru, in the Albertson's strip mall, for your PC sushi. Mikey does a good jog. He never had to advertise when he opened his own place - he has a big local following.
            For the market, I always shop at The Market, which used to be called Dan's. It is a privately-owned market, not a chain. They are trying to keep up with the Whole Foods market out at the Junction by adding in more items like they carry.
            If you want something different for dinner, try Reef's Kitchen. It is a Israeli/Middle Eastern restaurant. It is currently out at the Junction, next to Subway, but it is moving onto Main Street very soon.

            1. Just drove by Reef's in Kimball Junction and it's no longer there so maybe it's already on Main Street. Eating Establishment on Main Street serves a great breakfast. Try any of their skillet plates. El Chubasco on Bonanza has some of the best Mexican food I've had (rivals Southern California). It's cheap and delicious.

              Whole Foods in RedStone Junction is great for groceries and has fresh sushi if you just want to grab to eat at home. For basics, we go to Albertson's or Smith's (in Kimball Junction): both good for basics.

              Since you'll be out for 2 months, it's worth a visit to Sundance and to eat out there. Also worth seeing the Olympic Park for ski jumping. Your toddler might enjoy going up there, there's a small museum upstairs in the main building.

              I second/third Mazza in SLC for Middle Eastern. We went there before our flight back to NYC and it was delicious.

              Have fun! You'll love Park City.