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Oct 28, 2008 11:17 AM

Iron Fork Miami - Miami Science Museum - 10/30

Anyone here attending this event? Id never heard of it until a friend mentioned that he was going so I bought a ticket. Only $20 which includes food and bevies so thats a win right there.

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  1. Thanks for the info, need to see if the other half has any interest in doing that.

    UPDATE: We will look out for you there BM!

    1. Hey BM - I'm going! Maybe we can meet in person (this is Paula from m&l).

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        Good stuff! I'm going w/ 2 friends of mine and jmdhsmiami is going as well. I'll email you w/ contact details

      2. It was a harsh road-trip for us, timing wise. But I really, really, really would have liked to go. I liked the chef line-up... we joked that we were going to have to stay out of 10 good restaurants that night, just because the chefs were going to be at Iron Fork. :)

        I'd really love to hear about your experiences, after you all return...

        1. Well, for $20 my expectations were low and they were met. The place was jam packed and the science museum proved to be an odd selection of venues. But overall it was a good time thanks to the guys at the Asahi beer table. I met Paula and her crew there and we threw the anchor down, getting the most bang for our buck in ice cold beer. The salad from Nikki Beach (Nikki house salad w/ "house smoked" salmon, endive, raddichio, mango, fig, and a little shredded cheese) was really, really good. It was also the easiest to access so I dominated 2 of them. I also was able to get a cup of lobster ceviche from Andu that was also really tasty. The meatball from Sammy C's was OK and they made sure to staff their booth with a guy with a thick NY accent so he could say "meet-bools" over and over again. The one thing that fascinated me was the enormously long line for what I believe was a lamb medallion with green beans from Outback Steakhouse. I passed on that one. Waiting 45 minutes in line for a little lamb was not appetizing. At one point, we headed over to the other side of the science museum and I was able to sneak in front of a crowd who had their backs turned to the booth to grab some gazpacho soup (provider unknown). The soup was really salty. The organization of this side of the museum sucked big time. There was no way to get at the food booths unless you wanted to start at the back of a long, snaking line and plod along at a snails pace to EVERY booth. People would get all pissy if you walked up to a specific booth to get a bite without waiting in this epic line. As a result, I only tried that soup and some other beer before heading back into the main room to drop the anchor at the Asahi booth again.

          The Iron Fork competition itself was a good idea but the stage location was piss poor. The stage was angled in the back corner of a strangely shaped room so it wasnt really accessible. There was room in front of the stage if you wanted to cram in there and the Outback line kinda clogged its way into the stage standing room too. Our anchoring by the Asahi booth was key because we could see the stage and pound unlimited beer at the same time. One thing they might want to consider for next year is some ventilation. Once the cooking started, things got a little smoky. The aromas of a few of the dishes were pretty appetizing though. The chefs seemed to concentrate on their dishes and they came out good from what I could see on the monitors. The host was probably the most annoying host ever though. Guy was overly corny and needed to turn his mic down to a non-deafening level. We also noticed that the guy who runs (owns?) the New Times looked really unhappy when he was on the stage at the end. Maybe he's not a stage guy and was embarrassed by the host's wacky antics? The chef from a restaurant on Clematis in WPB (some Italian or Latin sounding restaurant name that the host couldnt pronounce) won the coveted 1st place skillet (this was actually a pretty cool trophy).

          Again, for $20 I didnt expect much. I think it was a good idea with a great turnout but the venue was just really awkward and didnt work. The food was hard to access and the competition was lost in the fray (I noticed most people either didnt know it was going on or didnt care). It was the 1st year so hopefully they will get better next time, but hey, what do you want for 20 bones?

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            Cool! Thanks for the post!

            I had wondered if it would be like a giant house party witha bunch of furniture and food... Thank God for the Asahi beer table, eh? LOL :) :) :)

            1. re: QTWO

              Agreed BM. We didn't even attempt to look for you as it was out of control. Good concept and interesting choice of venue, but needed to work on execution. Poor Cirque Du Soleil table couldn't get anyone because they were set up behind the food in the planetarium.

              We snuck out the back and was out of there in less than an hour. W Boutique was cool as we are friendly with the owner and he served pretty good wine.