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Oct 28, 2008 09:57 AM

What's up with Margaret Kuo's (Wayne)?

Maybe it was 'just one of those nights'...but we had a negative experience there last week that will keep me away for a while. It was a weeknight and our table of four got the short sticks at every turn. All of servers and management were bowing down to an extremely large round table, ignoring us. It was incredibly obvious. When our server DID finally pay attention to us, he was interrupted twice -- once by the manager and once by another server -- because the large party of Chinese speakers needed something. When our meal finally arrived, I had to get up from our table in search of a server to request soy sauce. I can't praise the food much either: the Shrimp Imperial was overly flavored with orange and the spring roll was much too peppery. There are too many restaurants along the same vein on the Main Line to have to put up with this.

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  1. We had the same experience there about two years ago and I have spoken to other people who did not enjoy the service. Someone in our party asked if they had any family style options like the restaurant in Frazer and got the rudest looks (they must have thought we were cheap). The food was OK, not good enough to justify their attitudes. If I were going out in Wayne, there are other places that are more fun. I always enjoy Theresa's.

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      I always like Theresa's Next Door, the Belgian restaurant although the noise level is painful in there due to the stone walls and floor. Have you seen the other new dining choices in Wayne? Two places have changed their menus: The Freehouse, with a new chef, has dumped Olde English pub grub (fish and chips, bangers and mash) for a kind of New Orleans-style chow. And, The Wooden Iron just transformed into The Boathouse (same owners; they're just using the theme of their other successful restaurant). Haven't tried either yet. One other change: the old John Harvard's is getting closer to opening up as The Paddock, a sports themed restaurant/family place, partly owned by the Carneys.

    2. You know, I've been there a number of times. I was there last night with my elderly father and my sister, and our experience (other than the food), was dreadful. First, even though I made a reservation, they didn't have it. Fortunately, it was early, so not that much of a problem. Maybe our waiter was new, but he was terrible -- slow, getting orders wrong, disappearing for long periods of time. I can understand a new waiter having difficulties, but Margaret Kuo, two other male supervisor types, and a young female supervisor type were all wandering around, and none of them paid any attention to what was going on at our table. In fact, I think Margaret Kuo visited every other table in the place while people were eating except ours. Ours she finally approached as we were paying. I did see her talk to our waiter several times, but we sat without drinks most of dinner, until finally the young female supervisor asked if she could get us something. I'd seriously think about not returning after this visit.

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        Exactly what happened to us back in October. There seems to be ample staffmembers hanging around but they always seem tobe looking elsewhere. And, if you are a 'nobody' in their eyes, forget about it.

      2. Margaret is a good friend of mine. I will bring your concerns to her attention. She needs to have a sensitivity/attentiveness pep talk with staff.

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          Good idea. We love Mandarin and the Granite Run spot. But Wayne service sucked. Not to be mean - we just expected at least the usual - if not better with the new decor. Food Never bad. But we refuse to return to Wayne location!! Madnarin is the best in our book - great EVERTHING

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            That would be a good idea. The first time it happened we shrugged and said, "Well, just a bad night." At least our waitstaff always were good. This time our waiter was dreadful.

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              Chef P, that's good, b/c I have heard the same thing *repeatedly* from friends. I actually know ppl who will order take-out but not eat in b/c they find the service too annoying to deal with.