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Oct 28, 2008 09:56 AM

Le Marche, Abruzzo, Molise & Puglia for 4 weeks

My DH and I have spent the past month in Croatia touring and eating our way through the country... and oh, what a tasty treat this has been! Tomorrow we plan to catch the ferry to Ancona to begin another month of similar touring in Italy. We've already been to the usual spots - Rome, Florence, Amalfi/Capri, Tuscany, Umbria, Sardegna & Cinque Terre and wish to tour the "calf" south down to the "heel". Since we'll be somewhat short on time, Calabria and Sicily will have to wait for another time.

Our first stop will be "Locanda della valle Nuova" in Marche - for a few nights. It's not far from Acqualagna where they'll be holding the annual white truffle fair and also close to Urbino. From there we'll head south with planned stops to include: Pescara, Ostuni, Trani, and Lecce. Along the way, as touristy as this may seem, I really want to stay in a trulli, at least for a few nights. Any and all suggestions for: great food experiences, interesting sights or specialty lodging would be most appreciated. We'll have a car and comfortable "resources" however, anyone can find an expensive "over the top" meal or hotel. We prefer authentic, typical regional cuisine and interesting, if not unusual lodging.

Mille grazie!

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      1. In Pescara, if not during week-end, but from Mon to Fri, have a lunch or, better, dinner at TAVERNA 58 (
        A charming place in Trani to sleep is SAN PAOLO AL CONVENTO.
        In Ostuni, a very delicious white town, I suggest you to dine and to sleep the D&B MASSERIA LAMIOLA PICCOLA (
        In Lecce a smart place to dine is OSTERIA DEGLI SPIRITI

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          Thanks very much for your suggestions. Will definitely check them out!

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            We are currently in Lecce and had a fab dinner at Osteria degli Spirit last night. We ordered the Spiriti antipasto - about 6 different delicious dishes, a primi each and then shared a secondi. All very tasty and with a bottle of wine - 80 Euro including a generous gratuity. Very good choice! Also enjoyed pranzo today at Cucina Cassareccia today. So thankful we thought ahead to book a reservation as it was packed and they were turning away people (who managed to make it past the "doorbell"). Lovely vegetarian antipasto items, followed by homemade bread & fritters, a primi each (pasta with a tomato meat sauce and fava e chicori), THEN the most meltingly soft roast lamb with potatoes and meatballs stuffed with cheese. Dolce was a divine ricotta cheese cake, cafe and 1 L of vino rosso di casa - another 80 EU including tip. We have one more night here.... any other great suggestions???? So far... very happy with Lecce!

        2. It may be too late, but L'Alceo outside Pesaro is wonderful seafood restaurant on the hillside overlooking the sea.

          1. Sundogcat: I am curious about your visit to Puglia. Did you discover any good eating around Ostuni or Lecce?

            Many thanks..