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Oct 28, 2008 09:40 AM

sushi Take out between Livonia and B-Ham

Looking for some good sushi take out on the way home between Livonia and B-Ham. Let me know!

Thanks in advance


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  1. Couple of places I've found perfectly good, both small and oriented toward takeout: Happy Sushi on 10 Mile west of 275 in Novi, and Sushi Ko, 12 Mile just east of Orchard Lake (keep eyes peeled for strip center lying below road level on south side) in Farmington Hills or whatever suburb it is up there, convenient to I-696.

    1. There's a carryout sushi place on 14 Mile and Haggerty called Sanka Tai. I've not tried it, though. Anyone?

      1. Well, shoot...if B'Ham's your destination, why not just divert on your way home and go to Noble Fish in Clawson? From there, it's what, 10 minutes to Birmingham?

        That'd be my recommendation. Yes.

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        1. re: boagman

          I strongly agree with the advice to go to Noble Fish - some of the best sushi around!

          1. re: Ludlows23

            In case you were unsure, Noble Fish is on 14 Mile just East of Main (Livernois). Just had some this past weekend and it is as good as they say.

        2. Mene Sushi in West Bloomfield; Maple (15 Mile) & Orchard Lake:

          Noble Fish in Clawson; 14 Mile & Main