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Oct 28, 2008 08:59 AM

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls??

After a boring morning I decided to do some "internet research" and came across something interesting.....Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. You take a tube of ready made cinnamon rolls, unroll and roll back up with a slice of bacon. It sounds disgusting yet amazing at the same time. Has anyone tried these or brave enough to try them? I went to the Minnesota State Fair for the first time this year and I think this would be a hot item for them- along the same lines as the chocolate covered bacon. What do you guys think? Totally revolting or heavenly?

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  1. The idea of bacon and cinnamon rolls is heavenly, but the thought of bacon rolled up in the dough is gross to me. I don't like my bacon completely crispy, but rolled in the middle of a cinnamon roll would just be too soggy/limp for me. Maybe crumbled cooked bacon, mixed in with the cinnamon filling and rolled up would be better? Kind of like my local diner that will crumble cooked bacon into the waffle batter before closing the iron. It does definitely sound like the kind of food that would be a hit at a state fair.

    1. I think that sounds amazing, but I'd like to have my bacon crisp and probably just crumbled over the top so its a salty, smoky accent to the sweet gooeyness of the cinnamon roll.

      1. Well, I think you should try it and report! I love savory and have a so-so relationship with sweet, so on whole I would see this (bacon addition) as an improvement on refrigerated dough. Still, the lack-of-crispiness factor intrudes.

        Can you be brave and try the new beast? I'm so curious.

        1. I think it would probably be best to cook the bacon until it is starting to crisp but still flexible and then put it in the cinnamon roll. Or be totally lazy and just sprinkle some bacon salt on the cinnamon roll! It seems like I used to have a recipe for a bacon monkey bread around here somewhere. Sounds like the same thing. Gotta look that up.

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            I can't think of anything that does not taste good with bacon. I wonder if we can get Cinn a bon to make them. My cardiologist's nightmare.

            1. re: mmalmad

              That's why you should try the bacon salt. It's low sodium, no fat, and tastes like bacon!

          2. Since I live in a town famous for it's maple bacon donut, I can testify to the wonders of bacon + pastry. (basically a long john with maple frosting and two strips of bacon criss-crossed across the top) I'd vote for 'definitely must try!"'

            A paraphrase from Bourdain when he visited the shop (Voodoo Donuts), 'I tasted it be be polite, I'm finishing it because it's good!'