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Oct 28, 2008 08:18 AM

Imported beers by the bottle?

Hey, Chowhounders, I need your help!

I'm in Malvern and I'm looking for Young's Double Chocolate Stout. I would prefer to just buy a six-pack, or a couple of bottles, to try it before investing in a whole case. I've already checked with Epicurean (in Phoenixville), Maia Market (in Villanova), and Landis's (Wayne). Does anyone know of any other place that regularly carries a good selection of imported beers that are sold by the single bottle?


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    1. re: saturninus

      Is there one of those outside of Philadelphia? I mean, if the choice is driving to Philly or buying a whole case in Wayne, I'd probably opt for the case. I'm looking for someplace out here in the 'burbs.

    2. Try Michael's deli in King of Prussia. They have a wide selection of beers can be purchased by the bottle. It is located in the Valley Forge shopping center on Rte. 202. Their beer list is posted online and they appear to have the one you are looking for.

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      1. re: rocknroll52

        rocknroll52, you rock and roll! :-) I had no idea Michael's had a 'beer library.' That's just made of awesome. Thanks so much -- I'm going right down there today!

        1. re: Fjordstone

          Replying to myself to add some comments about Michael's: it's worth noting that the beer list online is not what is _definitely_ in stock; those are just the beers they can get. They didn't have the Young's on hand, but they're ordering it for me and expect it in by next Wednesday. They place their beer orders on the weekend, if you're interested to get a hold of something special for a party or something.

          1. re: Fjordstone

            Glad it worked out. I am happy to assist a fellow beer lover!!

      2. I'm lucky to live fairly near Capone's. Glad you found your beer and also glad that your post stayed. I remember in the summer I asked about particular alcoholic sports drinks in Pa and my post got moved. Pennsylvannia really is "special" isn't it? ;)

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        1. re: givemecarbs

          Moved? Huh? Is there some prohibition regarding talking about alcohol here?

          1. re: Fjordstone

            Shhh. Maybe they won't notice. He he he! But Pa shouldn't be subject to that rule anyway as our system is ridiculous! They moved mine to the spirits torum but either they haven't noticed or are showing us Penn people some mercy.

        2. TJ's in paoli usually has a fair amount of bottles I think.

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          1. re: leepinleemur

            Wow, that's another place I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks!

            1. re: Fjordstone

              The Candlewyck Deli in Buckingham, located next to the Candlewyck Beef and Ale, near the intersection of 202 and 413. This place looks like a nondescript deli on the outside but they carry a fantastic selection of beer by the bottle, including the Young's you were looking for. Be warned though, I have walked out with a mixed 6-pack that has run me $25-30 for some unique and hard to find beers.

              1. re: Schpsychman

                Yep, I just paid a little more than that ($35) for a mixed 6-pack from Maia Market, lastl week. :-) Thanks for the tip, though -- it's great to know about ALL of these places!

                1. re: Fjordstone

                  funny thing - i swear i just saw this beer hours ago at total wine in delaware! i was driving home from baltimore and i always love to make a stop there. i was actually picking up a couple things for a party this weekend, and since the host likes stouts, i remember considering a double chocolate stoudt and that name young rings a bell. i opted for the victory stout tho. hope it's good! :)

                  on another beer-related note i took a gamble on a 6-pack i've never heard of, penn weizen by pennsylvania brewing company (not to be confused with philadelphia brewing company!). it is chilling now and will hopefully be cold by the time my tiffin order arrives! :) has anyone heard of this company before? i've never seen it, and i live around the corner from the foodery!!

                  1. re: rabidog

                    Penn brewing has been around a long time. They are from the Pittsburgh area. I havent had their weizen but their pilsner has won awards at GABF. Very good choice!

                    1. re: rabidog

                      The Penn Weizen is a great German wheat beer, very authentic in style. It also has won many awards, not sure what that says these days as just about every other beer has won some sort of an award, but the Weizen is one of Penn's better beers and that's saying something because they don't make a bad beer.

                      Another of theres to look for in the coming months is their 'Kaiser Pils', its an authenic style Pilsner that is fabulous if you like that style. They have rarely bottled it, in the past just in larger bottles 750ml maybe, but they are now planning on bottling it in a standard 12oz bottle, do try it if you see it.

                      Would be interested to know what you thought of the Penn Weizen.

                      1. re: WannyLovesPitt

                        That's great news on the Kaiser pils. I've become more familiar with the southern German style pils versus the drier hoppier style of the north that I think we're all familiar with. Would you know where the flavor profile of Kaiser falls?


                        1. re: Chinon00

                          Can't tell you if its northern or southern in style, you can certainly taste the hops in the beer but they do not overwhelm at all like say the Troegs Sunshine Pils (also a good beer, just different than Penn's). The Kaiser Pils is a very balanced beer and to me that shows the true ability of the brewer. Pilsner fans in PA are truely blessed that Victory, Troegs, Stoudt and Penn make very, very good Pilsners here. Penn is certainly my favorite though.

                          Another great Penn beer is their Marzen, if you haven't had that definitely do so in the spring!

                          1. re: WannyLovesPitt

                            Of the American brewed German Pils I'd say that Stoudts epitomizes the southern style (less hops, rounded, and lemony) while Victory Prima and Sly Fox Pikeland are drier, sharp and hoppy.

                        2. re: WannyLovesPitt

                          LOVED the penn weizen which brings up a new question, now. i crashed & totaled my car the very day after that post, and that beer i'd picked up from total wine in delaware. i'm going carless so i don't have access to that wonderful, wonderful store anymore. i'm in the northern liberties section of philly and i'm looking for something close by. i'm going to double-check, but i don't think i've ever seen them at the foodery. does anyone in philly (the closer to my hood the better!) know where to find this beer?

                          oooh - and on that troegs sunshine pils - i just picked up some of that from the foodery - pretty excellent beer!! i pretty much enjoy everything i've had from troegs.

                          thanks for all the beer info - i'm new to the world of beer and this is all very helpful!

                          1. re: rabidog

                            Sorry can't help where to find Penn beers in Philly, I'm in Pittsburgh. Just saw last week where Penn Brewery is leaving its current location due to, what the paper reported, a huge increase in rent. I hope thats all it is but given the econony and recent change in ownership I'm worried about Penn's future...I hope I'm wrong though.

                            1. re: WannyLovesPitt

                              I enjoy many Penn products myself. But I finished my second growler in as many weeks of Victory's Mad King Weiss this weekend. That stuff is sick. although you could mistake it for an American Wheat. Don't think that they bottle it though.

              2. In Malvern I second TJs, and the Flying Pig has a decent selection. If you're out in the Exton area you can try the Drafting Room on 100 ( or Ron's Original on 113 ( Also in Wayne is Teresa's Next Door (no website, but great bottle and tap selection.)

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                1. re: HavertownHound

                  Doesn't the Drafting Room only sell the beer they brew?

                      1. re: leepinleemur

                        To add to leepinleemur's comment: The Drafting Room doesn't brew their own beers (although they have an annual Anniversary Ale brewed for them by Troeg's). They have 16 (I think) taps -- availabe to go in growlers and a good bottle selection. If the website's up to date, they do have Young's.

                        1. re: brandywiner

                          They have 20 taps, believe it or not. Forgot that you could take with you from here, a great selection for sure.

                          1. re: Schpsychman

                            I'm confused. We had lunch at Iron Hill in North Wales today and they were "making" beer.

                            1. re: crazyspice

                              Iron Hill and the Drafting Room are completely different, and unrelated, places.

                              Iron Hill is a regional brewpub chain, originating in Newark, DE. They've got 7 locations in DE and PA, and serve only their own beer.

                              The Drafting Room is a beer-centered restaurant with two locations (the original in Exton, and a location in Spring House). They also have a sister restaurant, the Brickside Grille, in the Eagleview Town Center, near the intersection of PA 100 and the PA Turnpike.

                              1. re: brandywiner

                                Duh! Thanks for waking me up. I was thinking Iron Hill while I was reading Drafting Room. I suppose I will be okay when the meds kick in!

                                1. re: crazyspice

                                  No sweat; the odd "brain cramp" happens to all of us.

                                  BTW: North Wales is one IH location I haven't visited. Does it have any food or beer offerings to distinguish it from the others?

                                  1. re: brandywiner

                                    Not to my knowledge. They recently changed their menu and tripled the number of dishes. Some of them are mediocre at best. I have to say, they do a really good burger.

                          2. re: brandywiner

                            And the best thing is they always have one brew on cask, mostly its a high hopped product like Victory HopDevil.

                      2. re: HavertownHound

                        the flying pig's got a great selection and is a cute, homey little place, inexpensive, right by the train station. i love this place!