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Oct 28, 2008 08:17 AM

Hanger Steak on Oahu ?

Just got back from Manhattan and while there I had for lunch a hanger steak with fries medium rare at the Landmarc Restaurant in the Time-Warner Center It was the best tasting piece of beef I've ever had. It's similar to a flank steak in texture in that its chewy and grainy but it s a long strip of meat located near the kidneys of the cattle. It had a strong beef flavor that I enjoyed. I've tried checking the internet to see if there are any restaurants on Oahu that serves this cut of beef. Gordon Biersch and the 12th Ave Grill were listed on Google as having this steak on their menu but when I checked their latest menu online it's not on it anymore.

Anybody know of any restaurant that serves this hard to find cut of beef?

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    1. re: Eat_Nopal

      I checked tonight (23 Jan 2009) and Whole Foods-Kahala does not carry hanger steak/onglet. The young butcher behind the counter explained, "We can't carry that cut, because, y'know, we gotta preserve the integrity of the, y'know, organic...beef."

      All nonsense aside, they do have flat iron steaks ($13.99/lb.) and the butcher was kind enough to cut a few marrow bones for me ($2.99/lb.)

      Has anyone else noticed that the Whole Foods brand orange juice is almost HALF as cheap as the national brands here in Hawaii? $3.99 vs $5.99/carton? Still not mainland-cheap, but I'll take it. Also whole duck at $5.99/lb.

      I'd much rather support local farmers' markets, but this new Whole Foods is a lot better than Safeway/Foodland/Times

      1. re: wavsurfer

        I'll probably never drive all the way to Kahala just for WF but can you tell me is their OJ
        all Florida oranges or foreign?

    2. You might want to also look for "steak-frites." A lot of chefs have been reviving what was once pretty much a French dish - steak and "fries," but with non-US takes on the "fries" part. This was usually higher-end "bistro grub," and one reason the Gordon Biersch is offering it.

      The flat-iron & hanger have similar consistancy and I find most have similar flavor, though since either is usually marinated, that could be a tough call. We get flat-iron from a local butcher, and then will marinate for a couple of days. Cutting on a diagonal, a la flank steak can really help too.

      Wish I knew of someplace on O`ahu to direct you, but don't. Do not recall seeing it on the Ruth Chris' menu, however it's some years and was one of the Mainland restaurants.

      What about Backstreet? I'd think that this would be the right kind of dish for their menu.

      Good luck,


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        I don't think Sidestreet Inn has it either, but you never know what may or may not be added.

        1. re: KaimukiMan

          As always, mahalo. It was just a guess on my part.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            maybe they will see it and add a menu item...

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              Sometimes, things like that DO happen. Reviewed a great new restaurant in PHX. I waxed poetic about one treatment of foie gras. Now, they change their menu weekly. Next thing I knew, they had placed it on their "standards" menu, so it is available every week. Good call on their part, and probably had 0 to do with my review. Still, on never knows...


        2. re: Bill Hunt

          I could swear that I remember it being on the menu at the place directly across from the zoo... cant remember the name but it was on the 2nd floor and sort of next door to the hotel where the Hau Tree is located. Nice steak place, but this goes back 3 years or so now.

        3. The grill flatiron steak at Brasserie Du Vin isn't bad

          You might want to call 12th Avenue Grill to see if they're hangar steak is back, as they don't update their online menu often.

          Keith Endo at Vino (Restaurant Row) has been doing an excellent Tuscan-style steak although I forget the cut.

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          1. re: HIeats

            BLT Steak in Waikiki has the hanger steak on its menu. Tasted like the one I had in New york but its not served as a steak frites (french fries on the side). I don't have to go back to Manhattan to get my hanger steak fix but BLT prices was much more expensive.

          2. Not seeing hangar steak sold at retail on this rock (Oahu). But I've developed quite a liking for the flap steak (aka flap meat) sold at Costco. I recommend you look it up, read about it, buy some and try it out. It's more flavorful than tenderloin. It's another of the odd-shaped small "bistro steaks" though one that hasn't become a craze in America. It's not expensive. The ones I buy come in long strips, maybe one or two inches by maybe eight inches. I cut each into two little steaks. Yummy cooked as steaks. Or cut into thinner, smaller strips for lomo saltado or any stir-fry than needs beef. Cook no more than medium rare.

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            1. re: emu48

              An alternative would be a "flatiron steak," and those are often available in good butcher shops.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                what's a butcher shop?

                OK, OK, you can get some meat butchered in Chinatown, and there is a meat shop someplace in Kalihi, but you would be hard pressed to call these places a butcher shop.