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Oct 28, 2008 08:11 AM

I am addicted to Delhi Garden in Highland Park, NJ

When my husband and I first moved to Highland Park, NJ, our moving company was running a bit behind so we had to live without a kitchen for a week. Thank god we discovered Delhi Garden. That first week, we ate there three times in a row. It is a small, completely unassuming, strip-mall, take-out joint. The price is right (the most expensive entrees are all of the lamb dishes that cost $8.95 each) and the variety is incredible. Each dish is distinctive and prepared with care. We have not encountered any gloppy sauces. The vegetarian dishes are my personal favorite. If you like eggplant, you will become an instant addict of the Bagare Baigan, whole baby egpplants simmered to perfection in a tamarind, coconut, and peanut sauce. The Dal Tarka is to die for. I had no idea that lentils could taste so good. Another nice veggie surprise is a dumpling dish in an outrageously delicious yogurt sauce, the Kadhi Pakora. Also highly recommended: the Lamb saag, lamb rogan josh, and the minted parantha (kind of like a naan that is stuffed with mint).

We go there so often, they know us and greet us like friends. they also deliver to edison, highland park, and new brunswick. closed on monday.

delhi garden: 732.248.1888
1677 route 27, edison, nj 08817

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  1. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I must have gone by this place a thousand times without noticing it. I know next to nothing of Indian food but everything I tried was delicious. I ordered the lamb rogan josh. The lamb was tender and the sauce was flavorful and balanced. Their menu layout is fantastic as well. Every dish is described in detail so you know exactly what you're ordering. I'll be returning soon.

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      i am thrilled that you love this place as much as i do! this place is a total gem!

    2. I can honestly say that DELHI GARDEN is awesome. As soon as you walk in to the restaurant to pick up your food, you are surrounded by an amazing aroma that immediately tells you this place serves Top-of-the-Line Indian food. I particularly recommend the Lamb Rojan Josh,the Naan, the Galab Jamon and the Alu Gobi. More importantly, however, I want to say that the price of food at this place is out of this world! I got about twelve different dishes and the bill came to only $73. You don't get these sort of deals at the every-day take-out place, and plus the service was very quick. I can't wait to get food from here again.

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        right on! it is without a doubt the best indian place in the edison/highland park area.

      2. Just curious do they have a web site or online menu?
        Could not locate anything. Thank you.

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          I don't think they do. No website either. It's a real mom and pop establishment.

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            They used to have a website with menu and Indian music playing - - but it no longer works.

            1. re: bonsan252

              It just worked for me.
              NB. Flash Player is necessary to experience Delhi Garden