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Oct 28, 2008 08:06 AM

Money no object- top 5 choices for special anniversary dinner in or near Philadelphia

Any cuisine... Which 5 would be on your top sepcial occasion dining list?

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  1. easy -

    The Fountain at the Four Seasons

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    1. re: smackdown

      Le Bec Fin
      The Fountain at the Four Seasons (altho haven't been there with new chef)
      La Famiglia

      1. re: smackdown

        A word of caution is due about the Four Seasons. Marty Hamann left (for the Union League) a few weeks ago. I can't say whether that's had any effect on the quality, but they are between chefs for the moment.

      2. Vetri
        La Famiglia
        The last two are hard....

        1. Vetri
          The Fountain
          Le Bec Fin

          1. 1. Vetri
            2. LaCroix
            3. Amada/Tinto
            4. Osteria
            5. Matyson (I know, BYO and not super-high end, but some of my favorite food in the city)

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            1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              1 Vetri
              2 Vetri
              3 Amada
              4 Lacroix
              5 La Famiglia

              Rumors I've heard agree with Cruz....stay away from the Four Seasons for a bit....It'll still be great, but give the new guy some time to make his presence known.

              With regard to the Union League...forget what you've heard or experienced. This is one of the scariest kitchens in Philadelphia. Hopefully Hamann can pull it together.

              1. re: Major504

                Going with you on the first two Major! (and actually #5 too, haven't been recently so it didn't come to mind)

            2. Ginos and a bottle of Dom or Opus.