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The Best of the Boston Brahman Eateries

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Once a year, I like to eat out at one of the olde world Bostonian restaurants. Last year, we had a wonderful dinner at Locke-Ober. Which should I hit next?

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  1. Cafe Marliave...just re-opened.

    1. I have an annual lunch at Locke Obers with a few longtime coworkers.

      How about the Oak Room at the Copley Plaza?

      1. I wouldn't go for the food, but the Last Hurrah in the Omni Parker is a great place to enjoy a scotch while doing some really good Brahmin people-watching.

        1. I concur with the Oak Room suggestion. It is a classic restaurant in an older hotel.

          It will be interesting to see what the Taj does with the old Ritz.

          1. Jacob Wirth's is the second oldest restaurant in Boston. Beautiful mahogany bar, tin ceiling, decent food, spacious ( plenty of elbow room between tables).

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              Not hardly in the Boston Brahmin category, though - might as well recommend Durgin-Park. They're both old, and both can be fun, but neither compares to Locke Ober in quality or atmosphere.

            2. Not sure where to hit next- just wanted to weigh in and say that my husband and I have had a holiday season dinner at Locke-Ober for the past 2 years and we absolutely loved it. Not only does it have the old-world charm, the food is excellent. I, personally, think it is quite underrated. This year our date falls on a Sunday, so we're going to Aujourd'hui instead. Nothing like that view of the Public Garden when the snow is falling...

              1. These posts remind me of what would be the epitome of this category - the lately lamented Dining Room at the (former) Ritz Carlton (now Taj). It was a grand experience and marvelous people watching. Alas, the DR has been gone for several years and nothing has quite replaced it. The Oak Room is a contender, as is Locke-Ober and Aujourd'hui. Maybe the only real replacement would be the private clubs, such as the Somerset or Union Clubs near the State House or the Algonquin, Chittendon or St. Botolph in Back Bay.