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Oct 28, 2008 07:25 AM

Great Wall of China, Charlotte NC

I never hear anything about this place, one way or the other. It's been in the Carmel Commons shopping center forever but we've never been (Carmella's always gets our business over there). Last night we were hunting for Halloween costumes a few stores down and it smelled really good as we left the shop. I was surprised to see it so crowded on a Monday night. I wasn't hungry at all but my daughter got sesame chicken and loved it. It was okay. I'm over Wan Fu. How about it Charlotte Chowhounds? is it worth it? Her sesame chicken was $10.25 and the portion was huge. Service was very good. My only concern was how dark it was inside!

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  1. Used to hit it for lunch and, agreed, it was ok and large portions. Also agree with being tired of Wan Fu.......and just about every other Chinese place I can think of. I'd love to see a discussion would turn up some new undiscovered place preferably South Charlotte, preferably w takeout. Dragonfly and Baoding are still good but I'm lookin'............

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      I like JoJo's China Bistro in Stonecrest. It's a bit pricey but fresh and tasty. I love their moo shu pork and their duck specialty dish. Hubby loves the General Tso's chicken. We typically get takeout but it's a nice atmosphere for dining in too.

      I've heard good things about Tin-Tin buffet too, but I've neve been. I used to like Cherry Blossom in the Arboretum, but they are no more. :(

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        Tin Tin is really great, especially at night when they pullout all the stops like Piking Duck and Crab legs. GFL must avoid buffets as the economy is having enough problems without me complicating things.

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        For takeout I would recommend Fortune Garden on Arrowood. They are takeout only but very good. The egg rolls are great.

        The menu is typical American-style Chinese food, but done well.

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          I'm partial to Shanghai at Quail Corners. They run good specials - last week I had the spicy chicken, shrimp bok choy special - yum! The owners are accomodating and friendly. They know I like spicy dishes and will always bump it up to suit my taste.

        2. Great Wall is very old school and a big hit with old timers who like cow mien, chop suey and moo goo gai pan. Yes, the portions are quite large. To me the food is just all right. I used to get really great takeout from Chin Chin at 9856 Monroe Rd. Excellent fried rice, general Tso chicken, good egg-rolls. The food reminded me allot of the kind off food served in NJ. You may want to check out Shun Lee Palace in Cotswold, Tin Tin a buffet but very good, China Bistro 88 in Elizabeth and my favorite and the most authentic Dim Sum on central Ave.

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            It definitely had the NJ vibe. Maybe it was the fried noodles and mustard and sweet and sour sauce they brought to the table. I don't see that a lot down here. I like Tin Tin but not sure I want to unleash the buffet genie from her bottle with my kid. We'd be there all night. Glad you all had a great time yesterday.

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              I liked Great Wall .I think Tin TIn is great :minus the fried frog legs. LoL
              Have not tried China Bistro.
              I did venture out to Chin Chin on Albemarle, you know if it's the same owners?
              I went on a recommendation. Not so great area but it satisfied our Chinese take out fix. We enjoyed it .(Its only take out)
              But why o why can I not find a roast pork appeitizer?

              1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                I believe Monroe Rd. is the only location. They have an appetizer of spare rib tips that might take care of your roast pork jones. Here is a link to see the menu

            2. I haven't been to Great Wall in a few years, but my family used to go at least twice a week when I was growing up. It was (and I hope it still is) a family owned business, and the owners were almost always there to greet us warmly and ask about our lives if we hadn't been in for a while. I have very fond memories of a host/bartender who would bring me Shirley Temples and give me a couple of dollars to hit up the Baskin-Robbins a few doors down for dessert. The food is fine- nothing spectacular, but tasty and consistent. Now I think I've got to go back next time I'm in Charlotte just for the memories!

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                There's something to be said for places like that that hold a host of memories and where the owners know you and appreciate you. I love that he gave you $$ for Baskin-Robbins.

                I used to go to a small Italian resto back home while growing up in PA. My parents were good friends w/ the owners and we would go there at least once a week. The owner, "Uncle Leo", would check my finger nails when we walked in. If they were clean, he'd give me a peanutbutter cup.

                To this day a peanutbutter cup brings back fond memories of The Columbia Hotel and Uncle Leo. :-)

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                  A great choice is Shun Lee Palace - a long time favorite Chinese restaurant, now owned by the former owners of HoHo China Bistro in Dilworth.
                  HoHo China Bistro of Dilworth has been closed for a while now due to its small size and a location that was a bit too hidden. They have moved to Cherry House Chine Bistro at Pecan Point shopping center. Most of the same wonderful HoHo dishes can be found here. This location is much easier to find, but from a business point of view still too small.
                  The owners of HoHo Cherry House China Bistro have become the new owners of Shun Lee Palace, a true Charlotte institution for 30 years. The menu has all of the old school dishes like Chow Mein, Pepper Steak and Moo Goo Gai Pan, also interesting dishes featuring Lamb, Duck and Seafood specialties. A full range of Mandarin, Szechuan, Hunan and Cantonese Cuisine are all represented.
                  The menu and the staff will remain unchanged. A good idea - when it’s not broken don’t fix it. Located at 4340 Colwick Road, across from the Cotswold Mall, one block from Randolph Road.