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Oct 28, 2008 06:47 AM

Fried Chicken - St. Louis

I'm looking for good fried chicken in the St. Louis area preferably pan fried. This is for a birthday dinner so, someplace that has a good atmosphere. Any suggestions (other than Hodak's?)


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  1. My favorite is Frank and Helen's on Olive east of I-170. It is not pan fried, it is broasted and it's the best I've found in Stl.

    Also good is Young's in Valley Park and King Edwards in Crestwood...I don't think either of these is pan fried, but they are very good.

    I hear Gallaghers in Waterloo, IL has great pan fried chicken on Sundays, but I've never been there on Sunday.

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      Thanks, highcard! That's great information.

      1. re: mollyrml

        Very welcome...FWIW, I wouldn't say any of these places has a "great" atmosphere, as a matter of fact, I think only Frank and Helen's and Gallaghers serve drinks.

    2. Gallaghers in Waterloo was good but I thought the chicken and the side dishes were better at the Lemp Mansion.

      1. Porter's Chicken on Big Bend would be a good place for take out to have at home (plus they have great catfish too).

        1. Lemp Mansion has a great fried chicken dinner on Sundays. 13 bucks all you can eat with the regular sides's one of our families favorite. We also frequent Gruchala's in Columbia, IL for Sunday chicken dinner. It's a restaurant/tavern but since the smoking ban in's a great place to eat. (although the smoking never stopped us before).

          Porter's chicken is good but I've never like the sides they have. I know that Off the Vine was starting up a Sunday chicken dinner but the chef who started it has I don't know if they are continuing it.

          I would not recommend Hodack's Chicken...even though I know it still has it's loyal's not as good as it used to be.