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Oct 28, 2008 05:54 AM

Favorite Mole in the Boston Area?

I was drooling last night, watching a DDD episode where Guy Fieri goes to this Mexican joint in Salt Lake City that makes huge vats of mole using about 20 ingredients. It looked so good I wanted to book a flight to Utah as soon as I turned the TV off (never got around to it, though).

The episode got me thinking about good mole in the Boston area. My favorite it probably from Angela's Cafe in East Boston, but I also like the mole at Cafe Azteca in Lawrence and El Sarape in Braintree. Does anyone have any other favorites out there? Is there one that might even top Angela's?

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  1. Angela's Cafe and Cafe Azteca are my two favorites also. Sol Azteca used to have a good mole but I haven't been there since Angela's opened.

    1. Was it the Red Iguana by any chance? I grew up in SLC and miss the Mexican food there immensely.

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        That was indeed the place. I could have dived into that vat of mole (it looked that good).

        1. re: hiddenboston

          I was there last October -- you can do a mole sampler. They have 5 or 6 types every day. Amazing stuff, and a family-run place which gets them big points in my book.

          Their website -->

          And to take this back to the local topic, Angela's is my favorite in Boston, but it's only one type. It's better than I've had in Mexico, but oddly not as good as I've had in SLC.

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            I used to travel to SLC regularly for years, and found this place by accident just because they were next door to an Alamo, or some other rental car lot. It's one of my all-time fave restaurants anywhere.

            Angela's is my local favorite also, but surely there must be others worth trying? I've never been to Cafe Azteca yet, and it's been years since my last visit to Sol Azteca.

            Any other mole recommendations would be appreciated...

      2. Although I don't have a great deal of mole experience, I never have experienced one that comes close to Angela's in flavor, delicateness and complexity.

        1. I'd have to go with Angela's. It's certainly the most complex by far of the local moles. Villa Mexico's is quite good, as is Mexico Garibaldi's version down in Providence (although I think their mole is only served on weekends).

          1. The duck breast with mole at Ole is really good- can't compare to some of the other places mentioned, but I almost licked the plate.