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KoKo...Is it a No No? - St. Louis

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What happened to KOKO? I absolutely loved that place. Great duck gumbo and the zydeco fries were the bomb. Where did the owner and chef go?

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  1. And KoKo willl be found ... where???

    1. I believe KoKo closed 2-3 months ago. I'm not sure where the chef and owner went.

      I'm assuming you're referring to the KoKo in St. Louis.

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        Yes, the KOKO in St. Louis. Sorry. That's a shame. It was a fine little place to eat.

      2. A new spot opened in it's place....an Asian fusion place I believe.

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          I believe that one's gone down as well. Liquor license problems, as I recall.

        2. The current issue of St. Louis Magazine ("35 Best Restaurants") has an R.I.P. section, which has some comments about KoKo

          1. I'm from KC and I even got there. I liked it lots and so did my friends from the Lou. It was different. What took it's place was terrible.

            1. I fondly remember Cafe Ivanhoe from that same location...some spots just seem to carry bad juju. There is a space at Grand and Shenandoah that is the same, nothing seems to thrive there. Just in my time it has been an ice cream place, kebab house, pizza place...nothing lasts very long. It is a shame about KoKo. It was gone before we had a chance to try it.