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Oct 28, 2008 04:41 AM

Downtown recommendations for dinner with visiting Brits?

Taking friends from London out to dinner this week, and am utterly out of the loop on great restaurants below 34th St. that I might have a chance at getting into on a Friday night for a party of 4. Any great suggestions? Would love something with a fun, cool atmosphere, but that will be quiet enough for us to hear ourselves think. Thanks.

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  1. you have so many options....any type of food? price?
    a few places that come to mind -
    Barbutto on Washington street - west village
    E.V. is packed with places- E.U, Yuca Bar on ave A, Stanton Social is fun and yummy,
    otto on 8th st and 5th ave, the list goes on and on..........
    any specifics would be helpful