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Oct 28, 2008 02:33 AM

[London/UK] Delivery and mail-order gourmet?

I've heard that there are a lot of delivery and mail order food services in the London area. I'd love to get any suggestions or recommendations. I've long been jealous of the New Yorkers with Fresh Direct. Is there anything similar in London?

Also, I remember seeing a company that shipped Italian specialties at pretty reasonable prices, but I can't seem to find it.

And, as always, I'd love to find Asian treats that I couldn't find elsewhere. Has anyone tried

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  1. try: is the Waitrose delivery service. Ive never tried it but it should be quite good. for takeaway food. Its been very good at times, and a bit dissapointing at others. Havent had it for a while but coudl be worth trying out. The great thing is you can mix and match cuisines if you want, and order online. for japanese stuff. I think they do Korean stuff too
    their actual shop in in Picadilly, near picadilly circus.

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      I use Ocado and it is really very good. Sometimes they don't have some more obscure items but you will be pleasantly surprised by what they do have (and it knocks the socks off what you would find at your local Tesco).

    2. there are loads of good companies to try

      Ocado is very good (use them all the time!) is also very good are fantastic are very good are great although they are wholesale are good for the more obscure spices etc

      and are great (pates are out of this world!


      or for the oriental stuff then try (if they dont have it then no-one will!)

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        oh yeah and riverford organics is another one i forgot.

      2. Think the one you have probably seen is Natoora
        also worth looking at